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Understanding the Taurus Woman

Regardless of her astral signs, the Taurus woman is well put together (even when she is mignonne) and beautiful in a healthy way. You can rarely see a fragile and weak Taurus woman (and when it happens, such a woman must be immediately asked to gain weight, because otherwise she just wastes the astral energy).

Everybody likes the Taurus woman, both for her born sensuality that she is aware of, and for her sex appeal that she intentionally cultivates since adolescence. The outlined and often full lips, the heavy breasts, severely caught in tight blouses, or let completely loose and naked with an innocent brazenness beneath the blouses made of slightly indiscrete fabric, the colours of her provocative clothes contain an innocently defiant refinement that does not aim the sexual offer but the erotic adolescent provocation.

If she is caught off guard, the Taurus woman will tell you about some recipe that impressed her when she was a child and which she will make as good all her life or she will tell you about how much she wishes to live in Switzerland (the ideal land for all Taurus people). It would be as if her fate was to teach gastronomy, instead of being assaulted by men!

Don’t be fooled by her innocent conversation! If you have become dependent on a Taurus woman’s taste, it is possible that you remain this woman’s admirer forever for she is erotically endowed and conservative enough to make you not want to leave her again.

How to Win the Taurus Woman’s Love

To get close to a Taurus woman, tell her she is beautiful (because she really is). Tell her you enjoy her company (because that’s also true). But most of all, tell her that you like the house, the table, the garden, the curtain and everything that she bought in order for you two to feel on cloud nine!

If you find out that the Taurus woman has financial problems, offer to help. If you find out she has been passing by the same jewellery shop for months, find out what she wants and get it for her because she won’t give up until she has that thing. Help her and you won’t regret it.

Invite the Taurus woman to a good dinner, rather than a consistent one, and take her to a place where high-class people come. If she is refined in nature, meet her at a Renaissance art exhibition and tell her about Boticelli. All these efforts will pay off if you are the traditional type to which the feminine ideal is "beautiful, exciting and faithful".

After arousing strong sensations to choose from, the Taurus woman is a gift from God for her man whom she offers a stable, affectionate relationship, full of eroticism for which many women could envy her. The Taurus woman will always make her favourite cake, and her sexual charms will always make you come home desirous of the specialty of the house: the emotional comfort, the sensual abundance and the sexual prosperity.

Let the Taurus woman enchant you with the way she can teach you how to enjoy life through everything that provides good taste in a relationship!

Astrologer: Ariana
The Taurus Woman
How she loves, what she expects from her lover.