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Understanding the Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is somewhat angelic and fascinating because of her appearance of native mystery. Her deep eyes seem to look into worlds that are beyond our imagination. They are wistful, filled with an angelic desire.

The Pisces woman is not very talkative and when she talks, the meanings are always confusing, dual, incomplete, as if she expected somebody else to clear them. Appreciate this personal charm of hers, but keep your eyes wide open because most certainly there is a pain or a wounded sensitiveness there, something that she hasn’t told anyone.

The Pisces woman is the woman of romanticism and all love stories in the world. You can find confusions and tiredness, but also dreams and all possible discretion in her. She never lies, because she herself can’t see the line of demarcation between truth and lies, as she is always careful not to reveal her inner world or expose it to attacks or offence.

The Pisces woman seems to oppose a suitor that comes from an unexpected direction, but in reality, she is afraid of what she doesn’t know. She can find herself guilty every day while she is in fact waiting for compliments and proofs that you still love and want her.

From the erotic point of view, the Pisces woman struggles between the fear of committing a sin and the fear of being deserted, this being the reason for which love is always a fascinating novelty for her.

This appearance of purity, the nostalgic mood and the miracle of being very feminine are, for someone who knows people very well and especially for the man who really knows how to discover a woman, the trump cards of a couple whose union reflects in an earthly and mystic love at the same time. This love can make your relationship last forever and can help you pass the limits of the mere mating.

How to Win the Pisces Woman’s Love

Obviously, the Pisces woman is not the kind of woman to arouse the interest of adventurous, passionate, "muscle-bound" type of men. This is the place of artists, philosophers, charitable and sympathizing human beings, poets, scholars. That means all those who look for the true reality beyond appearances. This is the kind of man the Pisces woman needs.

Send her short, impressive love letters. Tell her about your disappointments before meeting her and she will offer to be your great love and at the same time the heart curer that you have been looking for. Let her take care of you.

Take the Pisces woman to old movies or give her DVDs with "Shakespeare in Love" or "Moise". She won’t turn down good dramas either, such as the BBC ones. She likes image, of any kind.

Hang mirrors all over the house. Admire the Pisces woman and let her admire herself. Discover her body by touching her, be amazed and patient. She likes being aroused slowly.

Like any other Water sign, the Pisces woman has a sexual energy that is worth paying attention to, but hard to stimulate. That’s why prelude is a slow, but good way of winning her. Each touch will make her wind. Be patient with her slow moves, as if she were a tantric lover from whom you could learn the savour of every erotic gesture. When making love, put flower petals on the satin bedclothes, let a simple, dim light in the room and make sure that the music of Vivaldi or Vanghelis can be heard.

Let the Pisces woman possess you completely, overwhelm you by merging with another kind of life, thus experiencing the "conquest of the conqueror" by a delicate opponent, but with an unexpected, subtle force of seducing for the pleasure of self-abandonment.

Astrologer: Ariana
The Pisces Woman
How she loves, what she expects from her lover.