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Understanding the Libra Man

The Libra man has a keen sense of aesthetics, of harmony and equilibrium. He is a smart man, who dresses with good taste and smells good. Beauty is very important to him, both of ideas and aspect. The Libra man is very refined, a very interesting combination of wit and sensitiveness. One half is sensual and sentimental, and the other is rational.

The Libra man is a sociable, kind and courteous man, with a deep sense of justice and fair play. He likes being surrounded by beautiful things, living in comfort and he even has an inclination towards luxury.

Above all, however, the Libra man is a romantic. They say the troubadour in love with his Lady will not die as long as there are Libra men in the world. Mr. Libra’s romanticism requires champagne, waltz and moonlight. He loves beautiful and feminine women, who are a little mysterious and inaccessible...

The Libra man is without peer in paying court to a woman, setting real masterpieces of the kind. He is usually generous, and if you don’t try to abuse this generosity (remember that he sets high value on fair play), he will be lavish, without regretting the money spent on his own or his lover’s luxury, beauty or entertainment.

The Libra man is a refined lover, an expert in prelude, resistant and considerate to his partner. Faithfulness is not his strong point because he is vulnerable to women, he falls in love very easily and he can’t say no. The problem is that the Libra man can’t decide to break up with somebody, accepting compromises, because his inner harmony resents crises and reproaches.

How to Win
the Libra Man’s Heart

The Libra man loves being seduced. So, appeal to his senses. Be elegant, wear French perfume and elaborate make-up - he does not appreciate natural appearance, but women who try hard to look as good as possible (don’t let him witness these efforts though).

Bring up the latest news, discuss them from several points of view taking different sides in turns, and sympathize with minorities and the wronged.

Invite the Libra man to a private dinner, with good music, scented candles, flowers and good champagne. Flatter him, tell him that he looks very good and has a tie that goes perfectly with the outfit. Challenge him to dance - the Libra man is a peerless dancer who prefers classical dances: waltz, tango, blues - and let your hand slide on his lumbar area, even his posterior, but do it discreetly and with refinement.

If you want to keep the Libra man by your side, don’t ever forget about his love for beauty and harmony and his disgust in front of vulgarity. Don’t raise your voice when discussing, not even in a dispute, and stay away from violent and sudden outbursts, with reproaches and slammed doors. Always be neat - "as good as new" -, diplomat and full of charm.

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
The Libra Man
Astrology guide on how to charm him and keep him.