The Cancer Woman

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Understanding the Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is never eager to socialize. When she does it, it is because she has given in to her family’s pressure to try her luck in getting married. For that, though, she would have to be a little bit of a spinster.

The Cancer woman relies on her premonitions and perceptions very much. She knows that the person of her choice will find her when time comes. It is for this moment that she prepares herself to be a "very juicy" woman, who impregnates the whole house with lace, flounces, fragrances, cakes and pictures with plump angels or children taken from the wrappers with advertisements for suckling babies. She can be the ideal wife and mother, if you still have ideals from 1900.

On the other hand, the Cancer woman is a very pleasant and "fulfilling" woman, from the point of view of the pleasure you can feel when touching her. This lunar human being, by her astral sign, (the Cancer sign is governed by the Moon), has soft flesh, consistent in a gentle, comfortable way. Her shapes are like well-risen cakes at the gentle warmth of the fire or like the fantasy pillows in which you let yourself deepen as if it was a lifetime’s rediscovery. The eternally loving breasts are made to fill the hollow of any hand and their startle tells anyone that under the generous sizes there is a heart ready for an eternal love.

It doesn’t matter how manly you are. Near the attractive Cancer woman, you can soon become number one favourite of a good wife, whose great respect is the reward for the honour of making her the mother of the child she has been dreaming of.

How to Win the Cancer Woman’s Love

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Cancer woman is good in the kitchen only! To convince yourself, take her to a walk in the park or to different exhibitions and museums.

The Cancer woman is among the mortals destined by God to keep us connected to the real values of the past. Sagas, symphonic concerts, authentic folk music and especially ballet can win her for a long time. The Cancer woman does not refuse a good disco or a real wedding but at this point the vestimentary claims arouse and the relation to the past suddenly disappears.

The Cancer woman likes most the holidays spent in famous places or refined hotels, where she appreciates the clean and qualitative sheets. It is especially for these occasions that you should have fine pyjamas prepared for her because she loves these things, from those that adorn the royal baldaquins to the underwear with lace, fur and bows... Cancer is a Water sign, which means it reflects beauty in anything that touches the

The Cancer woman doesn’t have the financial expectations of the Taurus woman or the radical demands of the Leo woman and she doesn’t practice wild sex like the Scorpio woman. Nevertheless, she has something pleasant and loving that makes you feel safe and strongly connected to your love; it’s like eating a delicious birthday cake and enjoying it very much.

Don’t get in the way of a Cancer woman if you are not a man of family and love her sincerely! If she realizes you want her only for some comfortable advantages, after she has the baby, she will ignore you forever or at least until the baby grows up.

A protective home, well-preserved plates and dishes from your mother’s mother, a garden with some fruit trees and maybe a pair of grandparents on whose knees the children could play are ways of winning the Cancer woman, but if you want good children, it is worth it!

Astrologer: Ariana
The Cancer Woman
How she loves, what she expects from her lover.