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Understanding the Aries Man

A "specialist" in love at first sight, the Aries man falls in love immediately and does not take no for an answer, nor he accepts tarrying. He fancies thousands of plans including the chosen of the moment and he does it with sincerity.

It’s an adventure to date an Aries man. The chosen one can have all the joy she wants and sometimes even more. Her satisfactions with an Aries man are numerous, although living by his side can sometimes look like a bowling game with grenades instead of balls. Caught in a bustle in which everything happens by one hundred km per hour, the Aries man’s partner can feel overwhelmed and she has to be very fit not to feel exhausted.

Unfortunately, the Aries man’s passion goes to waste very quickly, turning into ash after a very short period. Afterwards he falls in love again. The Aries man is not afraid to get married at a young age. He will do it, even... several times, if necessary.

Paradoxically enough, beyond his loud and commanding appearance, the Aries man has a sensitiveness that is hard to notice, as if he were looking in his partner for the image of his protective mother. Whoever succeeds in touching this weak point will win his heart.

How to Win
the Aries Man’s Heart

Mr. Aries likes independent and witty women, who flatter his ego. Pay attention though: be careful with the praise, because if you exaggerate you might get the opposite effect. Therefore, try to be dynamic, enthusiastic and straightforward all the time.

The Aries man loves winning. Let him pay you court, try hard until he gets a date at the beginning. However, if he delays in taking the first step (which is hard to believe), invite him for a drink after work. On this occasion, wear the tightest jeans you have and unbutton as many buttons as possible.

Caress the Aries man’s head or his face incidentally and touch his lips or his ear with your hand fugitively. Don’t try to lead him on: if you don’t want to sleep with him, it’s better to stay at home, in front of the TV. Still, if you decided to go out with him, you’d better take birth controls with you. He might have too, but it’s possible that he doesn’t remember this aspect in the fuss of the moment.

Sexually, the Aries man is enthusiastic and straightforward, sometimes even too straightforward. He is the kind that brings along energy, so it’s your task to supply the fantasy and imagination. Be affectionate, careful and tolerant. If he tries to dominate you, be cold, go back into your shell. Even if the Aries man has commanding features, in fact he wants a woman whom he can respect more than one who kneels before him.

If you are willing to tame someone who has to be convinced to accept equality in a relationship, don’t give up and you will probably have a great love story.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
The Aries Man
Astrology guide on how to charm him and keep him.