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The Maiden and the Scorpion

Are Virgos and Scorpios
Suitable For Each Other?

Virgo and Scorpio, Earth and Water. In theory, it should work very well, because these elements merge and each of them offers the other what (s)he needs.

You complete each other that well that this combination could become mystical. Of course, nothing is forever certain with a Scorpio, but you, dear Virgo, will know how to go beyond the well-built shell and open Scorpio's complicated soul. Just like you, Scorpio knows what his/her flaws and qualities are and (s)he is willing to listen to your criticism (finally, someone who doesn't get angry or upset when it comes to Virgo's perfectionism).

Scorpio is a very possessive person, which you might find stressful sometimes, especially at the beginning of the relation because you need time to analyze things and assess them carefully. On the other hand, Scorpio is very generous and faithful once (s)he has become yours. And since Virgo takes into consideration the cerebral part of love and even excites better when (s)he is certain of the partner's commitment, it will bring you closer.

You are the specialist in worrying in advance, the one who is always concerned about something; you need someone who can make you feel safe, self-confident and who is always there for you. Scorpio has great confidence in him/herself and in future, so Scorpio's power will often relax you. Scorpio likes saving money and (s)he doesn't venture into crazy plans and this means you will get along financially, too. It's a relationship with great chances of lasting for a long time.

As an Earth sign, you are often hesitant in love. Scorpio, on the other hand, is very sentimental and passionate, spiritual and ardent, which will help you unwind and be less reserved (all Virgos are a little reserved or shy).

Since Scorpio is a possessive and mysterious native, (s)he will always incite you with his/her personality and you will feel loved and protected. You share a great intellectual attraction too: Virgo is reasonable, analytical, intellectual, and Scorpio is a visionary, a creator, a specialist in imaginative things. That means you complete each other perfectly.

You are both shy in the beginning but Scorpio is much more confident and, while Scorpio is mysterious and "volatile", Virgo is reserved and reticent. Luckily, you are inclined towards compromises, in case conflicts appear. Scorpio is very "hot-blooded", although (s)he is a Water sign, so everything about him/her is a little extremist, especially sex.

The sex... Not only will Scorpio make you reach new peaks of sentimental passion and see new sides of love, but (s)he will also be an exceptional lover. Scorpio is often desirous of the "here and now" sex, which will relax you. To Scorpio, physical love is very important and (s)he is capable of long preludes; Scorpio is very patient and this is a good thing for a Virgo, because (s)he unwinds so slowly.

Therefore, the Virgo-Scorpio relationship is an excellent one, in which you will discover a partner that gives you confidence and makes you feel loved and safe.

Virgo Woman - Scorpio Man
Love Match

The Scorpio man and the Virgo woman are compatible from many points of view, but not from the erotic one, which makes a relationship between them be difficult.

In time, the Virgo woman will become more and more dissatisfied, and the Scorpio man will become brutally straightforward. If the Virgo woman is willing to make certain compromises, the relationship could work.

For a while, the relationship could prove to be stimulating at the intellectual level, but the Scorpio man will soon feel the need to escape in order to get erotic satisfaction.

In conclusion, between the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman there can be a short-term relationship, but a marriage risks failure.

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Virgo-Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility
Are Virgos and Scorpios compatible zodiac signs?