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Do Virgo and Leo Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Virgo-Leo

Virgo and Leo


Besides that, Virgo is a perfectionist (good for him/her) which means that (s)he notices and underlines all flaws, small or big, important or minor, real or imaginary... And that's precisely what you shouldn't tell a Leo: that (s)he is not perfect! Leo simply goes mad. Of course Leo is not very good at details, his/her "specialty" are layouts, five-year plans; Leo doesn't know exactly what (s)he will eat tomorrow but (s)he knows that (s)he will be a millionaire, model or scholar in five years. If you made the terrible mistake to criticize your Leo in public, that's it, or better, that was it: Leo's pride cannot tolerate SUCH THINGS!

In bed, if you don't show your Leo total adoration (the Earth Leo steps on is valuable too, don't forget that!), (s)he will be very disappointed. Your Leo permanently needs to be told that (s)he is the best, that there is nobody else like him/her.

If you really want this relationship to work, (although I wonder why a reasonable Virgo would want something like that), I have some pieces of advice: Leo is more stubborn than you so you'd better give up when (s)he is fixed on something. Then, Leo likes exactly what any feline likes: being stroked on his belly, often and long (figuratively). And still like any cat, Leo's proud and a little conceited. It's true that you will feel the centre of the world next to a Leo, so it is often worth praising him/her, telling him/her how wonderful (s)he is.

So, hard effort, as much praise as possible and plenty of adoration. If you hold on to it, Leo can really make your life beautiful, dear Virgo, because you can only live royally at the arm of a royal creature.

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