Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Virgo-Gemini

Compatibility of zodiac signs: find out how well Virgo gets along with Gemini.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Virgo-Gemini

Virgo astrology compatibility with Gemini


In classical astrology, it is said that the sun signs that are 90 degrees away from each other argue all the time and don't get along at all. Gemini lacks everything you have, and vice versa.

The Twins don't appreciate Virgo's power of concentration, his/her ability to go into details or his/her criticism (they are good at seeing the bigger picture, at planning, but not at carrying things through). Gemini is often aware of the fact that (s)he has almost no practical sense so (s)he will appreciate yours. Gemini lives so intensely in the present that the future is often a strange concept to him/her.

Sexually, Gemini's style is ethereal (like Air), elegant and delicate. But Gemini is often much more detached sentimentally (that means they don't get involved too much...) and even after years of marriage, your Gemini keeps his/her independence: it's like there was an invisible barrier to the Gemini's soul.

The Virgo-Gemini relation can last if Virgo is willing to take a trip to the clouds every now and then, and Gemini manages to be more serious, to think about future more and to break the "protection layer" of the shy Virgo. But after a while each of you will start feeling like something is missing.

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