Sign Compatibility: Virgo-Gemini

How compatible are Virgo and Gemini Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Virgo-Gemini

Virgo sign compatibility with Gemini

Virgo and Gemini, Earth and Air that does not keep his/her mouth shut...? Gemini people can be bearable but it requires much, much patience from a Virgo.

What is it that attracted you to each other? Maybe it was your common interest in intellectual, cultural, philosophical issues or the fact that both Virgo and Gemini have an active and curious mind. But the Twins are too instable and too impulsive to satisfy a good, tidy, economical Virgo. Not to mention that Gemini spends as if the Apocalypse were coming the next day and is always talking on the phone.

Even if your Gemini is attractive, beautiful and has that young appearance (they all have it, they behave like teenagers even when they are old), after the first passion fades away, there will be few common things left to share.

From Gemini's point of view, Virgo is a little too slow. From your point of view, Gemini crosses the limits too often and (s)he is too thoughtless and agitated, it's like (s)he needs a sedative sometimes... Irresponsible? Adolescent? Well, yes, it's Gemini's description.

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