Sign Compatibility: Virgo-Capricorn

How compatible are Virgo and Capricorn Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Virgo-Capricorn

Virgo sign compatibility with Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn. That is twice Earth, what could go wrong? Two Earth signs like you should get along wonderfully, according to all known and unknown standards of astrology. That's about all the good news I had.

Let's be honest: any Virgo in this world is a perfectionist. Not "a little perfectionist", not "somewhat perfectionist". But completely perfectionist. Capricorn often feels the same thing. The problems start when everything is filtered through the complicated mind of a Capricorn. Although Capricorn is an Earth sign, (s)he is not very earthly. And not as serious as (s)he is supposed to be, either.

Capricorn will amuse you, and that's good because any Virgo needs something or someone to offer him/her some relaxation, you overdo it at work! But Capricorn's humour is often called irony and Virgo will fly off the handle after a while, even if it is self-irony.

Otherwise, everything is fine. You get along well, because you think alike, you like saving money and neither of you spends too much or thoughtlessly. You might even like the same movies because you have almost the same preferences, since you both are Earth signs.

Capricorn's great ambition goes very well with Virgo's perfectionism, intellectually speaking or from the point of view of social climbing. Your criticism will often be appreciated (finally, someone who doesn't mind your trying to help him/her!) because Capricorn is a balanced sun sign who knows his/her limits and accepts criticism, taking them as life lessons.

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