Astrology Compatibility: Virgo-Cancer

Do Virgo and Cancer Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Virgo-Cancer

Virgo and Cancer


The Crab is a very sentimental creature. Not just because Cancer is a Water sign, but also because (s)he is governed by the Moon. And because the Moon moves the fastest of all the planets astrologers play with, Cancer is also very, very capricious (so they say). That means Cancer laughs just to start crying or to get upset the next minute, without you realizing what it is that you've done now!

Fortunately, Virgo is patient and a good listener. In return, you will get the same thing from your Cancer: a shoulder to cry on every now and then, safety and faithfulness. And a warm home, too. Just like you, Cancer wants a proper home, where (s)he can really unwind. Again, just like you, Cancer prefers staying at home or going to a familiar place. And again just like you, Cancer likes discussing philosophy and is rather realistic.

It could be more difficult to a Virgo to start a relationship with a Cancer. It's not easy to make a Crab open up, to get under his/her shell and especially to understand all the contradictory feelings (s)he often has. Cancer is drawn to you precisely by the stability you can offer him/her, the safety (s)he needs so much. Cancer often lacks self-confidence. So you'd better go easy on him/her with the criticism because, although Cancer doesn't say, these things hurt him/her terribly.

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