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The Maiden and the Water Bearer

Are Virgos and Aquarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Virgo and Aquarius, Earth and Air? Well, it could have been worse... or not?

"I'll go get myself a glass of water".

Virgo stands up, goes to the kitchen, opens the cupboard, takes a glass, fills it, drinks it and comes back.

Aquarius stands up, goes to the kitchen, on his/her way (s)he arranges the children's slippers, dusts a shelf, gets into the kitchen, opens the cupboard, sees the jar of jam and thinks (s)he feels like some pancakes, takes the jar and a teaspoon, eats, puts the jar in the fridge (for (s)he has already forgotten where (s)he took the jar from), there (s)he sees the mayonnaise that should be on a different shelf and (s)he takes it out to think where (s)he should put it, but (s)he forgets about it and leaves it there; then (s)he realizes that yesterday's leftovers should be put in a smaller pan and (s)he gets down to making the switch, then (s)he remembers to look for something else in the closet and comes back to the sitting room (the kitchen already looks as if a war took place there). "It took you quite some time to drink a glass of water...", Virgo tells him/her. "Water? What water? Oh, I'll go drink some"...

To make a long story short, Aquarius is absent-minded, idealistic, curious, unconventional, objective and detached, while you are a meticulous, traditional, careful, cautious, productive (that is hardworking) and objective native. Many, many differences, but there are also some common points.

The question is: are there enough common points for your relation to last? The stars say there aren't, and elements teach us that Air feels confined in an earth cave and as soon as it sees a crack, it runs away.

What attracted you from the beginning was probably the fact that you both are rational and intellectual, sensible and objective. But Virgo always has one or two questions about Aquarius's crazy ideas that cut the latter's wings (they are usually exact and reasonable things, but Aquarius is, above all, the unconventional inventor and too many details bore him/her).

Aquarius is always interested in a more or less grand cause and (s)he is a specialist in human relations, while Virgo is reticent, too cautious for such an Air sign and very, very practical. Your ambitions are of a very personal nature and Aquarius is not very interested in listening to things like these.

In conclusion, you are so different that you could hardly be friends.

Virgo Woman - Aquarius Man
Love Match

The Aquarius man and the Virgo woman are not very much interested in the erotic life. They place more importance to the intellectual side and prefer other activities rather than the physical ones.

As they are not stimulated erotically speaking, both the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman lack both sensuality and initiative. The sober and moderate Virgo woman has the tendency to criticize the expansive and generous Aquarius man.

Between the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman there can be a peaceful relationship, which will gradually degenerate into boredom. A marriage could survive only due to the shared interest outside the bedroom.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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