Sign Compatibility: Taurus-Virgo

How compatible are Taurus and Virgo Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Taurus-Virgo

Taurus sign compatibility with Virgo

Taurus and Virgo. Earth and Earth: an excellent combination. If you have found a Virgo, don't ever let him/her go!

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs, consequently you both want the same things: much money and free time for cultural activities. The Virgins are the highly cautious ones (What if...?), and Taurus is the "soul curer" of the zodiac, so you are a perfect match.

Virgo has so many fears and worries because (s)he has a keen sense of responsibility, of duty. Virgo is afraid (s)he'll disappoint the people around him/her, friends, bosses, neighbors... You, dear Taurus, are as perseverant as Virgo is, but you don't worry that much and, besides that, you like giving advice and comforting people, so you've found your pair in a Virgo...

Taurus' purpose in life is peace and harmony. And Virgo will offer you both. But, of all his/her qualities, Virgo's faithfulness and devotion will be the most attractive to you: (s)he's an upright person, a man/woman of the right sort of timber.

Virgo's sharp mind will fascinate you (for (s)he's governed by Mercury that is good at communicating). Virgo is also well organized and that will help you two set some habits that you like so much.

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