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Are Taureans and Virgos
Suitable For Each Other?

Taurus and Virgo. Earth and Earth: an excellent combination. If you have found a Virgo, don't ever let him/her go!

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs, consequently you both want the same things: much money and free time for cultural activities. The Virgins are the highly cautious ones (What if...?), and Taurus is the "soul curer" of the zodiac, so you are a perfect match.

Virgo has so many fears and worries because (s)he has a keen sense of responsibility, of duty. Virgo is afraid (s)he'll disappoint the people around him/her, friends, bosses, neighbors... You, dear Taurus, are as perseverant as Virgo is, but you don't worry that much and, besides that, you like giving advice and comforting people, so you've found your pair in a Virgo...

Taurus' purpose in life is peace and harmony. And Virgo will offer you both. But, of all his/her qualities, Virgo's faithfulness and devotion will be the most attractive to you: (s)he's an upright person, a man/woman of the right sort of timber.

Virgo's sharp mind will fascinate you (for (s)he's governed by Mercury that is good at communicating). Virgo is also well organized and that will help you two set some habits that you like so much.

Fortunately, Virgo is a mutable sign, that is more flexible, which is once again excellent, because Taurus would do anything except changing...

Patience is characteristic of both Taurus and Virgo, pragmatism too, so what do you think will happen when lights are off? Virgo will agree on fulfilling your fantasies if you are patient enough with this native who releases from daily worries harder than you do and if you convince him/her not to think about his/her next task at work, but focus on what (s)he is doing at that moment.

Virgo has the gift (or non-gift) of being a little reserved at the beginning. Use your famous patience, dear Taurus, and everything will turn out very well. The only risk is that things might become predictable at one point... But Virgo communicates so well, has so many ideas and reads so much that (s)he'll surely come up with new ideas from time to time!

Briefly, if you were looking for your great love, you have found it!

Taurus Woman - Virgo Man
Love Match

The Taurus woman enjoys the sex encounters without paying too much importance to them, while the Virgo man analyses them from all perspectives and he even criticizes. Leaving this aspect aside, the Virgo man proves to be an eager partner, even passionate for the Taurus woman.

The true compatibility is to be found at other levels though: they are both material, down-to-earth, they appreciate well done things and they are good friends.

The relationship between the Virgo man and the Taurus woman can be pleasant (although not very exciting), and a marriage has high chances to succeed.

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