Sign Compatibility: Taurus-Taurus

How compatible are Taurus and Taurus Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Taurus-Taurus

Taurus sign compatibility with Taurus

Taurus and Taurus. Here's a solid relationship! You are both so possessive and devotion is so important to both of you that the relationship could last for a very long time.

You like being able to trust a partner - and you can certainly trust a Taurus like you! Taurus likes taking the time to show his/her feelings and since you are both so sensual, so fond of touching (your sense of shapes is very keen), you'll surely have dream moments together.

Taurus is governed by Venus, so you both like elegant, qualitative things and the pleasures of life are not to be neglected by either of you, whether it is about eating or making love. Those governed by the planet of beauty need beauty almost instinctively.

You'll get along perfectly from this point of view: you both like comfort, you're practical, polite, tolerant, and you make a pair to which stability is more important than anything.

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About the Taurus-Taurus sign compatibility

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