Sign Compatibility: Taurus-Scorpio

How compatible are Taurus and Scorpio Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio

Taurus sign compatibility with Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio, here's a combination that can be successful!

Both Taurus and Scorpio have a strong will, determination and enthusiasm. Neither of you is indifferent to what's going on around him/her. When you met your Scorpio, you were probably fascinated. You noticed qualities that you'd like to have. Scorpio is so charming that I completely understand you!

There are some superb similarities between you two, but also some differences that make you almost opposite to each other. This Water native is mysterious, emotive, sentimental, but at the same time introvert: it'll be hard to get into Scorpio's soul. To him/her, revealing him/herself to someone is like committing him/herself. And before doing that, Scorpio has to be certain it is worth it.

Even if you have known your Scorpio for years, you'll still discover that there are parts of his/her soul that remain impossible to understand. Scorpio governs things hidden under still waters and can go into undreamt depths when it comes to feelings. Under his/her apparent calm and reserve, there is an ocean of feelings that long to be discovered, understood and appreciated: and this is, indeed, your specialty, dear Taurus!

Scorpio is to a great extent the sign of obsessions: to him/her, love is love until death, but so is hatred! Nothing in the middle. Scorpio is jealous, but that doesn't bother a Taurus because jealousy and possessiveness are part of love to you, too. Sometimes Scorpio can't control his/her feelings, that's why (s)he doesn't open up that easily.

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