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The Bull and the Lion

Are Taureans and Leos
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Taurus and Leo, sensual Earth and theatrical Fire...

There are many qualities that bring you together... Both Taurus and Leo are possessive and faithful, interested in cultural activities and a neat home.

But there are so many things that keep you apart! You, dear Taurus, want security in life, a solid base, love proofs, while Leo needs to be in the centre of attention (that is outside home), to be applauded and first of all respected. Leo will fall in love with the compliments Taurus is a master of, and (s)he'll always ask for more... because Leo needs to know (s)he's at the top of the list, number one. And you won't realize that you have to tell him/her all over again how wonderful (s)he is, how beautiful and smart, how generous ((s)he really IS!)... At a certain point, the poor feline will wonder whether you have "unfallen" in love with him/her! So pay attention to this communication obstacle.

Due to the fact that Leo is good at initiating projects and you are good at putting them into practice, it'll be a perfect combination in this regard: when (s)he encounters a set-back, Leo looks sideways with a "That shouldn't be here, it wasn't in the plan!" expression on his/her face, and you, patiently and tenaciously, will go beyond it or help your Leo understand why the world isn't perfect and why projects of any kind need a solid base too, made of perseverance and resistance.

Both Taurus and Leo are oriented towards the material world, although differently: for you, the material means a compensation for your need of shapes and concrete, and for Leo, it means fulfillment of his/her ambitions for success and represents a proof of accomplishment.

And it is also materialism that separates you: the champagne that Leo likes, high quality, refined and very expensive, makes you think of one thing only: "isn't (s)he spending too much?". Taurus is the kind that says "give me the money to take it to the bank", while Leo wants it to have a luxurious life.

Anyway, you are both good at making money so, once you've decided who's in charge (IF you ever reach a compromise about it), things will be all right. But the compromise is hard to get: neither of you is flexible. If you are willing to give up from time to time, maybe it will unsteel the feline, but be careful with Leo's need to be the leader!

Don't forget that Leo is governed by the Sun, and Taurus by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Even children know that the Sun is the centre of the solar system. Therefore, Leo has to be in the centre, too, his/her merits has to be recognized... To a big extent, the future of the relationship depends on how much you, dear Taurus, are willing to give in and how well you can handle and accept Leo's egotism (remember that his/her intentions are good).

But neither Leo nor Taurus are easy to tame. When you fight, there are no sparks, there is a whole fire...

If you can overwhelm your Leo with sincere admiration, equally sincere praise, with the love you know how to offer.... maybe you'll tame him/her. But if you put out the Fire, it isn't a Fire anymore, and Leo will want to head towards other places.

Sexually, there is a lot of passion. You both like making love slowly and artfully, and Leo's desire of being adored will find fulfillment in your loving skills. Leo is very generous and indeed (s)he has a kind heart, a detail that pleases you. Leo will love you dramatically, theatrically, ardently: that's how the Sun loves. Well, it's the perfect reason for you two to be together... Is it enough? You're the only one who knows!

Taurus Woman - Leo Man
Love Match

The romantic couple made of the Leo man and the Taurus woman can turn into a fierce confrontation any time. Both of them are so preoccupied with satisfying their own wishes, that this clash of wills risks causing a blast.

The erotic relationship between the Leo man and the Taurus woman can be affectionate in the beginning, but the exuberance of the Leo man will come to annoy the Taurus woman, serious and minding her own business.

In his turn, the Leo man will be irritated by the fact that the Taurus woman keeps an eye on him permanently and tries to control him.

Between the Leo man and the Taurus woman there can be a short-term relationship, but living together for long term is questionable.

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