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Are Taureans and Cancerians
Suitable For Each Other?

Taurus and Cancer, Earth and overwhelming Water? Yes, you've found the right partner. You both want the same things: a family, a home, stability, safety... You are both sensual, and Cancer's almost telepathic powers will guess your wishes before they are uttered. Your Cancer will take care of you, will offer you a harmonious home... how could such a relationship not work?

Money means very much to both Taurus and Cancer natives, so you can afford to spend and you can count on Cancer's being aware of the fact that (s)he has to work for his/her family, as much as you are aware of it. Cancer is a little thrifty, even thriftier than you are, dear Taurus, so you'll be the one spending more.

As for savings, Cancer buys the most up-dated machinery and keeps improving it, or the most expensive coat which (s)he'll wear for 15 years. Taurus makes investments and only afterwards spends what's left. You both know what perseverance is, you are both economical and patient. Moreover, if Cancer wants something badly, (s)he prefers waiting for the sales or looking in a different store to find it cheaper, which matches your lifestyle very well. Taurus sometimes likes going wild and buying the most elegant/sophisticated things, from famous shops. After all, beauty is so important to a Taurus!

A Cancer in need of money tightens the purse-strings. A Taurus in need of money finds another job. Anyway, even if your styles are different, the important thing is that you both have the same ideals. Unlike a Leo or a Capricorn, for example, who make money to get respect, a better social position or the others' admiration, you and your Cancer need it to make your life more beautiful.

Sexually, due to your unique, shape-oriented style and to the Cancer's high sentimentalism, everything will be like a heavenly music: nothing hasty, nothing too fast or spoiling the harmony of details. Your Cancer will leave you love notes where you expect the least (because Cancer is very romantic, governed by the Moon), (s)he'll light candles in the bedroom and make love declarations in a loud voice. Could you ask for more from each other?

Your protective tendency will be very useful in this relationship: Cancer needs many love proofs, (s)he's often capricious, and most often you don't even know where his/her moods come from. If you haven't found the most capricious Cancer in the world, the little earthquakes that his/her occasional moods will provoke (out of the blue apparently; if you don't pay attention to details, you can't even understand why (s)he got upset) will be easily solved considering your adviser qualities.

Therefore, a Taurus-Cancer relationship is meant to work. Most of the time you don't even have to make any effort.

Taurus Woman - Cancer Man
Love Match

The Cancer man brings a ray of tenderness and imagination in his relationship with the Taurus woman.

Both the Cancer man and the Taurus woman are sentimental and passionate natures, so that they will both be satisfied with this relationship and will not feel the need to look for satisfaction outside it.

The Taurus woman is capable of understanding the moods of the Cancer man and will try to sort out the possible misunderstandings. And if the Taurus woman shows care, the Cancer man will also prove thoughtfulness.

If the Cancer man and the Taurus woman know how to spare each other, they will enjoy a nice relationship, and a marriage will be successful.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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