Sign Compatibility: Taurus-Aries

How compatible are Taurus and Aries Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Taurus-Aries

Taurus sign compatibility with Aries

Taurus and Aries? What does Fire do when it encounters Earth, sand or stone? It moves on, trying to find things that are easier to digest... And Earth, if it's not a rock, can be turned into a work of art, if the Fire has the necessary time and patience...

There couldn't have been two people more different from each other than you! Aries is fast, impetuous and anxious, while you, dear Taurus, are calm, inflexible, and equally stubborn (you both have horns!). Aries is full of ideas, projects, and you... will take a close look at this creature at some point and ask yourself: "ok, but if it's all right the way it is, why change it?"

Noisy and enthusiastic, Aries can exhaust many people's resources... especially Taurus'. Aries has to have the final word, to win, to be at the top! Don't even think about telling an Aries what to do and how to do it, because you'll find yourself hit by flames when you expect the least.

Aries is the power of life, the intense ego... This is when you could make your appearance, as an anchor in his/her delirious life: you could be a stabile shore in Aries' stormy life. Taurus' calm and rational approaches could be useful to an Aries, on the condition that you make him/her understand and pay attention to other universes except the one whose Sun is him/herself.

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