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Are Taureans and Arians
Suitable For Each Other?

Taurus and Aries? What does Fire do when it encounters Earth, sand or stone? It moves on, trying to find things that are easier to digest... And Earth, if it's not a rock, can be turned into a work of art, if the Fire has the necessary time and patience...

There couldn't have been two people more different from each other than you! Aries is fast, impetuous and anxious, while you, dear Taurus, are calm, inflexible, and equally stubborn (you both have horns!). Aries is full of ideas, projects, and you... will take a close look at this creature at some point and ask yourself: "ok, but if it's all right the way it is, why change it?"

Noisy and enthusiastic, Aries can exhaust many people's resources... especially Taurus'. Aries has to have the final word, to win, to be at the top! Don't even think about telling an Aries what to do and how to do it, because you'll find yourself hit by flames when you expect the least.

Aries is the power of life, the intense ego... This is when you could make your appearance, as an anchor in his/her delirious life: you could be a stabile shore in Aries' stormy life. Taurus' calm and rational approaches could be useful to an Aries, on the condition that you make him/her understand and pay attention to other universes except the one whose Sun is him/herself.

But don't forget that the Aries' role is to make, again and again. And (s)he'll bunt you too into doing different things, moving out of your dear stability... And inertia and passiveness don't work: Aries will get mad and leave.

Aries' horns show more often than yours: (s)he's much more headstrong. If you become a little more active, go out more often, get ready for adventure (which involves some changes, that's why I can't picture you in that hypostasis), you'll succeed in standing by an Aries. But this kind of experience is called resistance to you. For how long?...

Sexually, Taurus is sensual and soft like hot chocolate, because (s)he knows that everything is solved better if you take it slowly. Aries, on the other hand, is a Fire ball moving at the speed of light, releasing energy. That will get on your hooves, dear Taurus, because Aries will hurry you up when you want to take some more time.

You'll have to try all your famous techniques: sensuality, caressing, patience, long preludes, to calm down an Aries in bed. In his/her turn, Aries could show you how it is at 150mph or in a rollercoaster: sometimes it can be really pleasant unless it takes too long...

Aries has courage and initiative and any Taurus admires these qualities. You know how to build and shape: if you love your Aries, don't forget that you have to blow up a fire to keep it burning, to constantly give it something new to consume. And - you know what? Give up your stubbornness! Your Aries is more stubborn, anyway.

Therefore, can the Taurus-Aries relationship work? If Taurus is willing to accept that the world means change and get out of his/her inertia, and Aries is willing to calm down a little... maybe. But, in a long-term relationship an Aries will exhaust you, dear Taurus!

Taurus Woman - Aries Man
Love Match

The Aries man has the habit of making love spontaneously. The caution and hesitations of the Taurus woman who doesn't do almost anything under the spur of the moment irritates the Aries man.

If the Taurus woman allows the Aries man to lead, then she could discover new carnal pleasures. Otherwise, it will be difficult to establish a balance within the relationship, in which there are considerable misunderstandings anyway.

The Aries man and the Taurus woman are incompatible for a long-term relationship.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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