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Are Taureans and Aquarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Taurus and Aquarius. The attraction between Air and Earth... how long can it last? Not too long, if you ask the stars.

Your Aquarius has a special charm, mysterious and seductive. At the beginning (s)he is distant, even cold, analytical, intellectualist (the sign of inventors!), and his/her mind will fascinate you. Aquarius people are often geniuses in their professions, everything new attracts them, technical issues are not a problem to them and they seriously consider the next day.

They say Aquarius' role on Earth is to break the existing structures and replace them with better ones. And a Taurus is very terrified when (s)he hears these two words ("structure" and "break") in the same sentence. Taurus is into stability, fixed things, and (s)he can hardly decide to get rid of his/her old pair of shoes, let alone change the world! Why not keep what we have?, asks Taurus, and Aquarius starts telling him/her about the new technologies that will revolutionize the world!

Taurus lives in the present, Aquarius in the future... an important difference that will often stay in the way of communication. You like being highly thought of, you care about what people say, while Aquarius has no interest in such things.

You, dear Taurus, are romantic, warm and you have more to offer than anyone else. Aquarius is not very different, but (s)he expresses so differently! Aquarius is governed by Uranus, the planet of individualism, that makes him/her be distant sometimes: (s)he's afraid of getting too close not to lose his/her personality. And next to a possessive Taurus, Aquarius will get scared very soon.

Governed by Venus, the planet of love, emotions and feelings, Taurus can't understand this fear of closeness while to an Aquarius, discovering him/herself is the adventure of his/her life. Your frequent jealousy attacks and possessiveness will make things worse so, if you really want it to work between you two, forget about "you're mine".

If I didn't mention it before, let me tell you that Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs, meaning stubborn, perseverant, that don't give up, and committed to their opinions and personality. And this will be one of the biggest problems, because neither of you is willing to give up, to adapt...

Sexually? Aquarius is exciting, imaginative, a real wonder of the world! But if you don't try to be like that, too, (s)he'll think you're too conservative, too sentimental. To an Aquarius, making love is one of the interesting activities you do when you want to relax.

Of course Aquarius is capable of real love, but (s)he needs a relationship that doesn't make him/her feel confined. And this is too much, too radical for you, dear Taurus. Moreover, at the beginning of the relationship, it will be difficult to convince your Aquarius that the ultimate goal is marriage. The idea itself of belonging to someone scares him/her!

On the other hand, if there are some favorable astrological aspects between you and your Aquarius, everything can be different and many Taurus and Aquarius people can have a successful relationship. But, strictly from the point of view of the sun sign, the relationship is very difficult, not to say impossible.

Taurus Woman - Aquarius Man
Love Match

The Taurus woman is passionate and has a high sexual appetite. For this reason, she does not understand the haste shown by the Aquarius man when having sex.

The Taurus woman doesn't want a friend, but a partner, while the Aquarius man tends to turn the sex partner into a friend. The Aquarius man gets involved in too many activities beyond the doorstep of his home, to still be compatible with the Taurus woman, who is very committed to home.

Between the Aquarius man and the Taurus woman there can appear frequent personality clashes because both of them are firm and are not willing to make compromises. A long-term relationship or a marriage would not benefit from astral support.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Are Taureans and Aquarians compatible zodiac signs?