Sign Compatibility: Scorpio-Sagittarius

How compatible are Scorpio and Sagittarius Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Sagittarius

Scorpio sign compatibility with Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius: Water and Fire. If you are a good, decent Scorpio, forget it. If you like adventure, living on the edge, you've got a chance.

Ok, stars say that it is generally no, but maybe it is yes. So, what could it be like? Let's figure it out first: as a Water sign, you need a partner that understands your emotions and answers back with the same intensity. That's what Sagittarius does. Further, as a Water sign, you need to be loved demonstratively, permanently and each moment. Well, this is the point Sagittarius stumbles at, no matter what a good hunter (s)he is. Because Sagittarius knows how to love and be devoted, as only Fire signs know.

Sagittarius is loyal so (s)he cannot stir your jealousy. But... (s)he doesn't love demonstratively, as you wish. Meaning that (s)he doesn't say "I love you / you and only you / you and I until the end" every day, (s)he doesn't always show it.

Although Sagittarius lives with the same intensity you do, (s)he doesn't analyze these feelings as deeply as you do it, and neither does (s)he ask questions about his/her own person. Yes, Sagittarius is the sign of philosophers (and of single people par excellence), but (s)he analyses what's around him/her, not inside him/her.

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