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Are Scorpios and Sagittarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Scorpio and Sagittarius: Water and Fire. If you are a good, decent Scorpio, forget it. If you like adventure, living on the edge, you've got a chance.

Ok, stars say that it is generally no, but maybe it is yes. So, what could it be like? Let's figure it out first: as a Water sign, you need a partner that understands your emotions and answers back with the same intensity. That's what Sagittarius does. Further, as a Water sign, you need to be loved demonstratively, permanently and each moment. Well, this is the point Sagittarius stumbles at, no matter what a good hunter (s)he is. Because Sagittarius knows how to love and be devoted, as only Fire signs know.

Sagittarius is loyal so (s)he cannot stir your jealousy. But... (s)he doesn't love demonstratively, as you wish. Meaning that (s)he doesn't say "I love you / you and only you / you and I until the end" every day, (s)he doesn't always show it.

Although Sagittarius lives with the same intensity you do, (s)he doesn't analyze these feelings as deeply as you do it, and neither does (s)he ask questions about his/her own person. Yes, Sagittarius is the sign of philosophers (and of single people par excellence), but (s)he analyses what's around him/her, not inside him/her.

The second problem with a Sagittarius is that (s)he uses the expression "always, until the end" very often, but that usually means until next week. Sagittarius doesn't get involved for long term too easily. Sagittarius needs much independence and any possessive Scorpio is terrified at this gloomy word which means that person will not belong to him/her.

You two love as strongly and intensely, but your definitions are very different: "you love me, therefore you're mine", you say; "you love me, therefore you let me find my way", says Sagittarius. A dictionary would be very useful, and right from the first evening.

Sagittarius likes playing games, (s)he is imaginative and innovator, like any Fire sign, and (s)he fascinates you with everything (s)he comes up. That's the good part. The bad part is that Sagittarius remains "playful" even when (s)he has to behave like a responsible adult.

Briefly, you take things too seriously, Sagittarius doesn't. It's a relationship in which you'll have the control, but you'll need much tact to keep your Sagittarius in one place.

Speaking of tact: Sagittarius is as open and talkative as you are taciturn and introvert. Sagittarius likes walking, not staying at home. Around Sagittarius, buying bread or using the vacuum cleaner becomes an adventure. If you want to use a trick, keep in mind that Sagittarius is very impressionable. Hopelessly.

Don't get upset when your Sagittarius is roughly sincere. To you, kindness, feelings and generosity come first, but unlike you, honesty is the most important thing to Sagittarius (even if it hurts). Whenever (s)he tells a truth that you are not comfortable with, remember that (s)he thinks it's for your own good. And if you ask your Sagittarius why (s)he is being so tough on you, (s)he'll simply say: "you wanted the truth, didn't you?".

Sexually, the attraction between Scorpio and Sagittarius is very big: opposites attract each other, don't they? Especially since your passion is joined by Sagittarius' playful and inventive spirit. If you don't lose control over jealousy too soon, you'll discover a very stimulating partner in this ever young hunter.

So, is it worth it? If you are a Scorpio that likes staying at home and wants his/her partner in a golden cage, you'd better look among the Pisces or the Crabs. If you belong to those for whom adventure and personal independence means something, try and you won't regret it. The good news is that once (s)he is caught, a Sagittarius doesn't run away. But it is hard to catch him/her.

Scorpio Woman - Sagittarius Man
Love Match

By the side of the Sagittarius man, all the Scorpio woman does is waste away her passion.

As soon as the Sagittarius man follows his instincts of a free and independent man, conflicts will appear too, because the Scorpio woman needs a loyal partner she can count on.

The Sagittarius man catches fire quickly, but he gets over it as quickly, while the Scorpio woman accrues anger until she comes to burst like a volcano.

Even if the Sagittarius man and the Scorpio woman are sometimes compatible at the erotic level, this harmony does not last for long and cannot compensate for the tension at the other levels. A relationship for the long term or a marriage is completely not recommended.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Scorpio-Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility
Are Scorpios and Sagittarians compatible zodiac signs?