Astrology Compatibility: Scorpio-Pisces

Do Scorpio and Pisces Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces


Pisces can make you feel fulfilled by supporting you with gentleness in everything you do. Besides that, (s)he is very undecided (Pisces doesn't like making decisions) and (s)he'll be glad because (s)he'll have someone to depend on.

Pisces' imagination lights up Scorpio's creativity that carries out the former's fanciful ideas. Pisces understands love and passion the same way you do, so you'll share happiness with him/her. Meaningful, existential discussions incite Pisces as much as they incite you and communication between you two is excellent.

Pisces knows how to adore and admire so you'll feel very, very loved. Pisces is very understanding and (s)he has an intuition similar to yours, which should give him/her all the advantages to be your perfect partner.

Since Pisces is a weak-willed and unstable native, a Scorpio (that is a fixed sign) will help him/her find and define him/herself, as well as settle down. Flexible and adaptable, Pisces will fit into your character, and your relationship will take shape as days go by: you won't even know when it became a steady one.

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