Sign Compatibility: Scorpio-Leo

How compatible are Scorpio and Leo Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Leo

Scorpio sign compatibility with Leo

Scorpio and Leo: Water and Fire. Drama, intensity, a relationship of extremes. It can last, but it can also blow in your face, so be very careful.

In fact, there are as many pro arguments as there are against. The initial attraction, just like between any complementary elements, is very big. Especially the physical one. The intensity of feelings and the sexual relationship are two advantages that could almost help you have a happy relationship.

But both you and Leo strongly need to dominate, to control, to be the boss. And in this competition, Leo is at an advantage because (s)he roars louder (this is not a metaphor, Leo is, indeed, a master of speech, and when (s)he gets upset, (s)he becomes frightening). If you want an example, take a look at the front page of the newspapers issued several years ago and try to observe the relationship between the Great Lion Bill and the Scorpio Hillary Clinton. Neither of them gives up, neither of them yields an inch.

Leo has a great quality which often becomes his/her biggest defect: his/her EGO, which gives Leo a kind, generous heart, but also makes him/her possessive, dominant, cruel, theatrical (even VERY theatrical; "scenes" and slammed doors, final declarations are common things with a Leo).

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