Sign Compatibility: Scorpio-Gemini

How compatible are Scorpio and Gemini Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Gemini

Scorpio sign compatibility with Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini. Water and Air? It's beautiful for a second, as long as the champagne brims over the glasses. Then, the Air gets out of the Water and the combination destabilizes. A relationship that lasts no more than a bottle of sparkling water left without a cap.

Let's assume you are not with a Gemini because (s)he looks good, but because there is something else you like about this native. Because in your relationship the physical attraction is not based on anything sensible. Your Gemini has a sharp, quick mind, and that's what probably fascinated you. The problem, as you'll see, is that Gemini can't really shut up or stop.

Gemini is neither a family person, you will often find him/her where there are a lot of people or at friends' or relatives' places (well, Air has to move in order to feel it exists). And these are the places you don't like going to, or at least not as often as Gemini goes.

The eternal problem between a Water sign and an Air sign is that the former naturally tends towards immobility and the latter towards movement. It's true, both of them "circulate", but on different purposes. While you focus on an idea and go all the way, Gemini... does much the same thing, but a little differently. That means Gemini explores all the possibilities of that idea quickly, goes to the library or to the bookshop, (s)he enters another bookshop on his/her way and (s)he comes up with another idea. In conclusion, while you stay in the same place, Gemini goes from one idea to another, from one relationship to another. And this is a problem.

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