Astrology Compatibility: Scorpio-Gemini

Do Scorpio and Gemini Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini


But of course, if you really want to, the relationship with a Gemini is not impossible, but you ought to change too much of your personality to keep up with your Gemini - and you don't even feel (s)he really understands you or that (s)he is truly involved... Gemini seems to be absent minded all the time, somewhere else, even if (s)he is physically near you.

In the beginning, your mysterious look will attract a curious native such as Gemini. Your wild passion in bed will intrigue him/her. But Gemini is so unstable that a Scorpio who demands complete devotion, will simply not take it for long. Gemini's thirst for independence is too big, and your need to "control" him/her is suffocating.

Sexually, a Scorpio shouldn't have any problem with anybody. Your sign governs the genitals and is famous for the intensity, skill and gentleness shown in bed. Gemini is bright, funny, imaginative and amazing. Once. Twice. And afterwards (s)he gets tired of the routine that you like and you start feeling that your Gemini is not responding with the same intensity.

So, is a Scorpio-Gemini relation worth it? You'd better not try it. A flirt can be wonderful, on the condition that it doesn't last more than a week.

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