Sign Compatibility: Scorpio-Capricorn

How compatible are Scorpio and Capricorn Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Scorpio-Capricorn

Scorpio sign compatibility with Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn: Water and Earth. A lasting relationship, fulfilled and passionate.

Scorpio's defects, jealousy and possessiveness, are seen as qualities by Capricorn, who is often insecure and introvert. To him, these defects show love and make him/her feel safe (a highly appreciated feeling by Earth signs). On the other hand, Capricorn's realism will make you feel confident, too: the Earth is the only one that can stop Water (emotions), and the latter, in its turn, penetrates the Earth as often as possible.

Capricorn is well-known as a hardworking native, interested in his/her career and desirous of climbing the social ladder. Your goals meet at this point because you are also ambitious and feel the need to dedicate yourself to an activity.

All in all, you will be the support Capricorn needs; besides that, with your patience and understanding, you will help your Capricorn grasp the complicated ways of Scorpio's soul. Indeed, Capricorn is a native that takes a lot of time before starting a serious relationship, but once (s)he is emotionally involved, (s)he is very faithful.

The fact that Capricorn "has his/her feet firmly set on the ground" will offer you safety as regards the future. Capricorn is also a stabile native, that doesn't go the wrong way: if your Capricorn is late, (s)he is surely at the office. Maybe even too often. Your special charm can help him/her unwind a little because Capricorn tends to be an workaholic.

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