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Are Scorpios and Arians
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Scorpio and Aries: Water and Fire? It's difficult to reach a compromise, but once you both have figured it out, the relationship stands a good chance to last.

It is worth mentioning that you are excellent business partners, even if you sometimes collide, emotionally speaking. Aries is the initiator, the one inspiring great deeds, coming up with bright ideas. It is the practice that gives Aries a hard time. And this is where Scorpio comes along, bringing sustainability.

Aries is the sign that governs the brain so (s)he is very open-minded to new ideas and (s)he knows how to show credit to the others, so (s)he'll listen to your ideas and suggestions very carefully, trying to do something with them.

The physical attraction between you two is very strong at the beginning: it was probably love at first sight. The passion will be big on the first days: generally, Water and Fire attract each other, being complementary. Each of them has what the other lacks, each of them completes the other.

The problems appear when you start talking about a long-term relationship because Water tends to put out the Fire (to bore or annoy him/her), and Fire tends, by its own energy, to consume the energy around, namely to evaporate Water (to exhaust you physically and spiritually).

You, dear Scorpio, are a Water sign, very emotional, passionate, and always preoccupied with existential issues ("but why do you love me?"), while Aries doesn't spend too much time thinking about such details ("isn't the fact that I love you enough?"), for Aries sees the big picture. The sentimental depths you like navigating in scares Aries, because (s)he is a Fire sign, and too much Water (feelings, emotions) put it out, consumes his/her energy.

On the other hand, Scorpio is not crazy about parties, crowded places and formal meetings. But Aries is the one shining in this kind of places: (s)he is the centre of attention and everyone listens to him/her. Naturally, Aries enjoys it (your Aries is as proud as you are), so (s)he doesn't avoid parties, on the contrary, (s)he looks for them, while you would like him/her at home more, paying more attention to you. And neither does (s)he have enough patience to cuddle you and beg you to come with him/her. This will hurt your ego (which is rather high - maybe you should lower your expectations sometimes).

Sexually, it's a real adventure: it starts in the lobby and it ends on the floor of the bedroom. You are both passionate. Aries likes believing (s)he is the best (and when it comes to this kind of things, (s)he even becomes patient!), and your mysterious aura lights up the Fire. But, at one point, you will feel you want more spiritual communication (the thing that really bores an Aries). Moreover, Aries likes having enthusiastic people around him/her, so (s)he'll be bothered to see his/her Scorpio miffed.

Despite all these disadvantages, theory itself admits that a Scorpio-Aries relationship can very often be quite different from the one usually described between Water and Fire. This is because you are both governed by Mars, which gives you two a sort of communication canal that belongs to you only, a special way of knowing and feeling each other.

So, what will it be like? Like climbing the Everest. But all those who climbed it said it was worth the effort.

Scorpio Woman - Aries Man
Love Match

The erotic encounter between the Aries man and the Scorpio woman can be exciting or frustrating. Both of them are dynamic, full of life, but they are independent natures and want to be in control.

Between the Aries man and the Scorpio woman there will always be disputes, which will test quite harshly the happiness given birth to by their mutual passion.

Another great obstacle consists in Scorpio's jealousy.

The relationship between the Aries man and the Scorpio woman will be unstable, and a marriage will be unconventional at the least.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Are Scorpios and Arians compatible zodiac signs?