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Are Sagittarians and Pisceans
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Sagittarius and Pisces? Compassion or boldness?

Well, you should know that there is love out of compassion, and this is only because Pisces' great and sensitive heart is ready to sacrifice for the happiness of a Sagittarius that aspires to discovering the fundamental truths of the human existence.

This is what Pisces dreams of: for someone to find some help in the sacrifice (s)he is willing to make for a great love, because this is his/her nature, to bring the other one to an equal level and then hug him/her along with the cause that (s)he is embracing.

How can a Sagittarius not like the fact that someone "burns" for the same purpose? How can a Sagittarius not like the fact that someone is at his/her feet?

Indeed, the mysterious Pisces would be happy if the metaphysical Sagittarius were interested in his/her "sufferings", but (s)he can live without it, too... Especially if it's up to him/her that the relationship goes on, instead of coming to an end.

It's true that, for a Sagittarius, it's a courageous deed to start a relationship with a Pisces native. What's the problem, can't (s)he sacrifice him/herself a little too? Isn't it an equally pleasant adventure like all the others? After all, whom else can (s)he discover God along with, if not a Neptune-ruled native?

The Pisces' compassion and mystery can "feed" Sagittarius' inspiration and boldness for a long time and this way the latter will feel fulfilled from all points of view, having found the emotional peace and erotic satisfaction that (s)he has been looking for.

Sagittarius Woman - Pisces Man
Love Match

Perhaps the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman will enjoy a few successful erotic moments, but the Sagittarius woman is independent and she's always in search for adventure, while the Pisces man, when he feels he is about to lose the Sagittarius woman, becomes even more sentimentally addicted and clings on to her more strongly.

The Pisces man makes love in a lustful way, which is genuinely boring to the energetic and dynamic Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman will be tempted to provoke the Pisces man, so that she can then have fun on account of his sentimentalism.

The relationship between the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman will end before it starts, and a marriage could be a real failure.

Astrologer: Ariana

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