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The Archer and the Twins

Are Sagittarians and Geminians
Suitable For Each Other?

Sagittarius and Gemini? Fire and Water?

Isn't it as the wind blows? Yes, it is! Isn't the Air the one keeping the fire burning? Doesn't the absence of Air put out any Fire? The whole thing is for a favorable wind to blow in the right direction so that the Fire continues to burn constantly and completely! Even if the Air is "the Little One" (Mercury) and the Fire "the Big One" (Jupiter).

Yes, a Sagittarius-Gemini relationship relies on words and mental complementary universes but, if you don't avoid shallowness (characteristic of the Gemini), you could become two completely parallel universes before you know it!

Fortunately, Sagittarius' burning nature can melt the informational coldness of the partner located on the other side of the zodiac, reminding Gemini that love must be "felt", not "rationalized".

On the other hand, there is much liveliness, optimism, exuberance, conversation and much, much freedom and cooperation here.

If there is something you, dear Sagittarius, don't like about your Gemini partner, ask yourself if that "something" isn't, by any chance, precisely the defect you haven't discovered about yourself yet. This is what love is for, to reflect ourselves in the other better. We must pay attention to this issue, because if we correct it for ourselves we will correct it for our beloved too.

Faithfulness is not the strength of this couple, although both Sagittarius and Gemini trust their "mind", as they are often lovers and not man and wife.

The main weakness regards two major differences: on one hand, Gemini is an intellectual while Sagittarius looks for a spiritual direction; on the other hand, Gemini tends to be somehow cynical, while Sagittarius suffers from a certain emotivity in love.

Sagittarius Woman - Gemini Man
Love Match

The Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman are active, inconsistent people, not at all expansive in sentimental relationships.

The Gemini man has the tendency to criticize the Sagittarius woman's performance in bed. The relationship has many weak points; however, a strong point is represented by the fact that neither of the partners is demanding or possessive.

As quickly the relationship between the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman starts, as quickly it'll fall apart. In a possible marriage, if both the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman strive, they will stand a chance.

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