Astrology Compatibility: Sagittarius-Cancer

Do Sagittarius and Cancer Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Sagittarius-Cancer

Sagittarius and Cancer


Sagittarius and Cancer can both dream of the same trips or the same traditional family lifestyle. Or they can be both disappointed because Sagittarius thinks (s)he is protecting a fragile human being - which Cancer is not - and Cancer thinks (s)he is protecting a Sagittarius that can prove to be a family man/woman - which is very seldom possible.

Cancer and Sagittarius are both governed by Jupiter and that means Fire and Water can mix in such a way that Fire keeps burning and Water doesn't evaporate - because both signs have a very important "nurturing" function for the others: Cancer nurtures the soul by his/her deeply maternal and careful nature, governed by Jupiter; therefore, we can talk about affective generosity, as any form of nurturing is endowed with the miraculous energy of love.

In conclusion, Sagittarius and Cancer can move on from the fascinating erotic attraction of the beginning to beatitude, avoiding the lunar emotional depressions or Jupiter's egocentrism.

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