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The Fish and the Maiden

Are Pisceans and Virgos
Suitable For Each Other?

Water and Earth, but that's not all. Dear Pisces, pay attention to the charming Virgo: it's your opposite sign in the zodiac, six months away. Have you ever tried to get two magnets close to one another?

In my opinion, there are two possibilities regarding this combination: either Heaven or Hell on Earth. The initial attraction will be very strong. The practical and realistic Virgo will be amazed at this ethereal and imaginative creature, and Pisces, in his/her turn, will be fascinated by the accurate thinking of this methodic native.

Virgo is very good at things that require preciseness, critical talent ((s)he has it and uses it with no reserve) and verbal ability. Pisces... is good at everything that is NOT precise. As for Pisces' talent, it's so well hidden under his/her unselfishness that it almost doesn't exist.

There is nothing a Pisces cannot understand, and this will bother a skeptical and rigorous Virgo. Pisces has vision, intuition, emotions and an inclination towards symbols. Virgo is often very idealistic and way too perfectionist! (S)He sees the world so clearly and is so good at discovering flaws, criticizing when (s)he thinks necessary and noticing what the others can't notice!

Each of them has what the other lacks. Where Pisces sees the wonder of the world and contemplates it silently, without trying to spoil it by analyzing it, Virgo comes with appropriate tools to measure and divide, to find qualities and defects, to classify and ask questions.

A Virgo can become extremely tiresome to a Pisces that is able to discover beauty everywhere, is unselfish by nature and tolerates so much. Pisces can't understand why we have to ask so many questions and criticize so much, while Virgo can't understand how anyone can contemplate without exploring. Pisces' answer would often be just a shrug of shoulders, but Virgo doesn't give up so easily: the tendency to analyze things will make him/her try to understand everything about Pisces' way of thinking...

On the other hand, Pisces gets tired very quickly when being interrogated... And Virgo will soon become mad if (s)he doesn't succeed in getting the truth out of Pisces' soul.

Virgo is very rational - don't you ever forget that! -, (s)he is almost thrifty, and if you ask him/her, (s)he will often tell you that this is a quality, not a deficiency. Pisces is wasteful, (s)he buys on a first impulse and (s)he doesn't care very much about savings, money and laying by for a rainy day. This might lead to quite many conflicts because Virgo thinks Pisces fritters away and the latter can't understand how a wonderful medieval map, some painting or some other thing that stimulated his/her imagination could seem a trifle to anyone!

The objectivity Virgo is trying to show in everything (s)he does (and criticizes) is annoying to a Pisces, who knows the nature of subjectiveness so well and understands any behavior, accepts anything and tries to love instead of analyzing.

Virgo is also well-known for his/her practical sense and for how hardworking (s)he is. Pisces, let's admit it, is not really into work. A reality infusion would not hurt the visionary Pisces on the condition that Virgo knows when to stop. But Virgo's practical sense is something much too earthly for Pisces.

You both have agile spirits, and Virgo's energy is often directed towards this world, so you will enjoy talking, but your views are so different that it looks as if you spoke two different languages.

Virgo often has a very rigorous system of moral values, that won't please Pisces, to whom morality is just a convention... On the other hand, Pisces is very emotional and impressionable, and Virgo doesn't understand this sentimental effluvium that could flood everything!

Virgo knows (s)he has to be productive and strong, practical and with his/her feet planted firmly on the ground. Only (s)he will find it rather difficult to catch the dizzy Fish by the ankles, because Pisces often lives among the clouds.

If Pisces could be more practical - much, much more practical - things could have a very good turn. But, as it usually happens to relationships with which stars don't agree, Pisces will have to offer very much. The problem is: how soon will his/her resources run out?

Sexually, Pisces has a rich imagination, and (s)he will know how to make Virgo get rid of that day's stress. The Virgo native tends to consider sex very important, but his/her mind will often be set on the problems of the day and (s)he won't be able to unwind that easily. And, again, Virgo doesn't express his/her feelings too much, and Pisces, although (s)he knows the lesson of altruism very well, needs more love proofs than Virgo can offer.

But still, Virgo does things whole-heartedly: once you explain to him/her what you need, (s)he will try to do anything for the Pisces whom (s)he believes to be a strange wonder from another planet. Virgo has a real communication talent, and it could improve the relationship considerably. Unless Pisces gets tired of so much criticism. Remember that Virgo does not criticize out of instinct, or at least (s)he doesn't think (s)he does it: Virgo criticizes because (s)he believes that's the right thing to do.

Therefore, is it possible? There are no evasive answers here: it will be all or nothing. It will last either a month and after that, both of you will head towards other relationships, or a lifetime. You will both know very soon what you are in for. Compromise is essential in a relationship with so many astral obstacles.

Pisces Woman - Virgo Man
Love Match

The Virgo man associates love with certainty, with satisfying physical needs, and compatibility at the intellectual level. For the Pisces woman, love is almighty, it is the quintessence of life, it is beauty, romanticism and intense experiences.

The tenderness and the discipline in the Virgo man's sexual life can't satisfy the great, barrier-free wishes of the Pisces woman.

If the Virgo man does not give up the close-minded mentality that governs his sexual life, the relationship with the Pisces woman will be uncomfortable for both and will lack satisfactions.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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