Sign Compatibility: Pisces-Taurus

How compatible are Pisces and Taurus Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Pisces-Taurus

Pisces sign compatibility with Taurus

Water and Earth, but what a special Earth! Even the stars smile at this combination: it is worth trying!

Fortunately for you, Taurus is very sensual, reasonable, practical, and, in addition, sex is art to him/her. You'll fascinate Taurus rather than vice-versa. (S)He likes your visionary talent, your refined spirit and unselfishness.

One little problem, though: Taurus' materialism is considerable, so you'll have to get used to it. But it's worth it because you'll get much attention in return (a Taurus will always try to offer as much as (s)he receives).

Taurus really likes saving money, keeping objects and making a fortune. Pisces thinks these are earthly, superficial matters, and doesn't get it why (s)he is supposed to be so concerned over money! Taurus does it instinctively, but it's a good thing, because somebody has to bring money home after all.

To a Taurus, being in love means making love. A lot. Taurus doesn't have the same view on this matter as Pisces does. To a Taurus, caressing means very much. Once a Taurus is yours, (s)he'll be faithful, understanding and you'll always rely on his/her practical thinking.

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