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Are Pisceans and Taureans
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Water and Earth, but what a special Earth! Even the stars smile at this combination: it is worth trying!

Fortunately for you, Taurus is very sensual, reasonable, practical, and, in addition, sex is art to him/her. You'll fascinate Taurus rather than vice-versa. (S)He likes your visionary talent, your refined spirit and unselfishness.

One little problem, though: Taurus' materialism is considerable, so you'll have to get used to it. But it's worth it because you'll get much attention in return (a Taurus will always try to offer as much as (s)he receives).

Taurus really likes saving money, keeping objects and making a fortune. Pisces thinks these are earthly, superficial matters, and doesn't get it why (s)he is supposed to be so concerned over money! Taurus does it instinctively, but it's a good thing, because somebody has to bring money home after all.

To a Taurus, being in love means making love. A lot. Taurus doesn't have the same view on this matter as Pisces does. To a Taurus, caressing means very much. Once a Taurus is yours, (s)he'll be faithful, understanding and you'll always rely on his/her practical thinking.

An eternal romantic, Taurus meets some essential needs of Pisces' soul.

Taurus is capable of great sacrifice in order to reach a goal, so (s)he'll also try to make the relationship work, you won't be the only one trying.

Taurus lives at a material level very much, home is very important to him/her, as well as colors and shapes... Taurus is a sensible sign, but, due to the fact that (s)he is also a feminine sign ruled by Venus, (s)he'll understand you, even if (s)he doesn't agree with you every time.

If you manage to fit into Taurus' personality, to accept his/her selfishness, you'll receive very much in return. Remember though that (s)he is rather thrifty. You'll have to explain to him/her many times why you can't live any longer without that wonderful vase that costs as much as a month's salary, for him/her to let you buy it. Preferring practical things, Taurus chooses safe and profitable investments. Especially profitable.

Taurus controls his/her reactions very much, so you might need some time to communicate for real, but when you do, it will be worthwhile.

Your resourcefulness not only fascinates any Taurus, but it is also a stimulant. Taurus is, in most cases, a man/woman of action, so (s)he'll try to put your ideas into practice, especially since (s)he decides much faster than you do.

As Taurus likes all water running to his/her mill, don't forget this detail: if you are able to build and maintain a harmonious home, your Taurus will never leave you.

In conclusion, is it possible? If Pisces comes down from the clouds just a little, (s)he'll find out that the Earth is the safest supporter: after all, you can't fall off it.

Pisces Woman - Taurus Man
Love Match

The Pisces woman has an almost violent and unpredictable temperament during the sexual act. The Taurus man might find it difficult to cope with it.

By helping the Pisces woman to experience her erotic fantasies, encouraging her firmly and tactfully, the Taurus man could enhance her receptivity. The success at the erotic level depends to a great extent on the Taurus man.

For the relationship between the Taurus man and the Pisces woman the prognosis is good for a passionate relationship, as well as for a satisfactory marriage.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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