Sign Compatibility: Pisces-Scorpio

How compatible are Pisces and Scorpio Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Pisces-Scorpio

Pisces sign compatibility with Scorpio

Have you found him/her? Perfect, don't ever let him/her go! If there are soul mates, then Scorpio is Pisces' pair!

Scorpio will understand all your feelings and emotions that nobody understood. Just like you, Scorpio truly wants to know our purpose on this Earth, whether DNA was created by God or by aliens, what the world is heading to. It's a sign of spirituality, and Pisces appreciates that very much. Scorpio is also faithful and discreet, and Pisces appreciates it even more. And Scorpio's love is very deep and his/her feelings very strong, just like Pisces'.

Sexually, it can be a fantastic connection: Scorpio loves making love and likes the way Pisces regards the sexual act, as an almost religious, sacred experience. Be aware, though, because Scorpio is also extremely jealous, so I'll give you a piece of advice: if you don't want to get very involved in a relationship with a Scorpio, avoid physical contact or delay it as long as possible. Why? Very simple: once (s)he made love to someone, Scorpio expects complete faithfulness and feels entitled to having his/her usual jealousy spasms. To a Scorpio, it's like a contract assigning him/her ownership over the person (s)he loves.

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