Sign Compatibility: Pisces-Sagittarius

How compatible are Pisces and Sagittarius Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Pisces-Sagittarius

Pisces sign compatibility with Sagittarius

Water and Fire... Very, very difficult.

Sagittarius is very straightforward, and Pisces is very tactful. The first thing that doesn't work... at all. Sagittarius could often be so straightforward and exact that (s)he can even hurt you. And if you ask him/her what's the reason for which (s)he says such things, (s)he'll simply answer: "Because you asked me! Why did you ask me then?". Many arguments that can end the relationship.

What will attract you to a Sagittarius will probably be his/her passion for education, for learning, and his/her inclination towards philosophical discussions. But Sagittarius' lack of diplomacy will make you frown more often than you'd like to, and finally ask yourself if you belong next to him/her...

Sagittarius likes traveling, and you worry much, doubt very often and find it hard to make decisions. Sagittarius won't appreciate that, because (s)he is optimistic and confident, and (s)he always hits the road with no fear and no delay... Precisely these often departures will run your energy dry, because you'll be by yourself too much time - unless you decide to follow your Sagittarius, at all risks.

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