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The Fish and the Twins

Are Pisceans and Geminians
Suitable For Each Other?

Water and Air! The zodiac's philosopher and the adolescent. What could come out of it? ... In most cases, nothing resisting.

This is certainly not a classical astrological union. Gemini needs much conversation to stimulate him/her, social contacts, variety. Pisces needs spiritual peace, a refuge where (s)he can isolate and dream and, from time to time, loneliness. Gemini wanders a lot, (s)he is always at some friend's place or just out... And Pisces is rather possessive and (s)he will soon become jealous - or will get tired of trying to satisfy Gemini's taste for new and glamorous. The thought alone of such frantic activities (Gemini is an Air sign, they have to be on the move all the time) terrifies Pisces.

Everything will be all right if you, dear Pisces, manage to make your Gemini understand why you don't want to go out on Saturday evening or to the seaside on Sunday - by explaining to him/her that you want to see a movie, that you need some time by yourself, that the peace of your home is more relaxing to you.

Gemini takes his/her time analyzing and will try to make you justify yourself, and a Pisces makes so many decisions on the spur of the moment or based on the intuition and on his/her inner emotions, that sometimes (s)he will find it rather impossible to do that. Gemini will show you a world that you didn't know before and will stir up your life - maybe even too much? - with his/her ever adolescent spirit.

As both Pisces and Gemini are mutable signs, you tend to follow the course of the water or wind, so there might be problems in handling a single home: neither of you is too economical or preoccupied with the next day... However, at the same time, neither of you gets carried away and you get by pretty well playing it by ear.

Gemini loves it when you whisper him/her tender words while making love so you can let your imaginative talents flame up. Teach your Gemini how to feel the emotions more deeply, how to grasp the essence of things and go beyond the surface level.

A resourceful relationship with chances to succeed, but with some question marks: will Pisces be able to stand Gemini's unreserved character for the long run? Will Gemini be able to become more profound, go deeper into the depth of feelings, to find the essence of Pisces' nature there?

Considering that Gemini is a very communicative nature, (s)he will want to know as many things about you, dear Pisces. Whether (s)he will really try to understand what you tell him/her... this is a problem that stands.

On the other hand, Gemini responds well to changes - some good news, at last! In fact, (s)he is the essence of change, since (s)he is the adolescent of the zodiac. But, at the same time, emotional relationships based on enthusiasm and freedom are much more important to him/her than those based on sensitiveness and deep feelings.

Is it possible, then? You should both give up too much and, while you, dear Pisces, are willing to give up, sooner or later your Gemini will feel that (s)he needs more freedom and wants more action. But it is worth trying - who knows?

Pisces Woman - Gemini Man
Love Match

The Gemini man would rather spend his time imagining new erotic positions rather than making them real. The Pisces woman is too sentimental for the Gemini man, who enjoys the moment and moves on. This could give birth to suspicion and lack of trust.

The two partners can feel real affection for each other, but eventually uncertainty will eat away at the relationship.

The relationship between the Gemini man and the Pisces woman is risky, and the marriage is doomed to fail.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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