Sign Compatibility: Pisces-Capricorn

How compatible are Pisces and Capricorn Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Pisces-Capricorn

Pisces sign compatibility with Capricorn

Water and Earth, ambition and vision... It could be a good union.

Capricorn is a feminine sign, which means (s)he has the capacity to understand Pisces' visions, emotions and intuitions, as well as his/her needs.

Practical and determined, an intellectual sign, Capricorn will be a good life partner for a Pisces. The Capricorn native has an excellent sense of humor, which makes him/her pretty sociable. However, (s)he is generally a little too cold and realist for a Pisces. Fortunately, you can easily convince a Capricorn to change so, if you try, you'll manage to get the best of him/her.

Capricorn is a very materialist native (and, considering the visionary nature of Pisces, there might be a small problem), but this is good, because money is of no interest to a Pisces. Pisces does not strive for money because (s)he knows that one way or another, it will come to him/her. If you ask him/her how it will happen, (s)he will just shrug his/her shoulders... (s)he knows, but (s)he can't explain the unique and complicated intuitive processes by means of which (s)he knows.

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