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The Fish and the Goat

Are Pisceans and Capricornians
Suitable For Each Other?

Water and Earth, ambition and vision... It could be a good union.

Capricorn is a feminine sign, which means (s)he has the capacity to understand Pisces' visions, emotions and intuitions, as well as his/her needs.

Practical and determined, an intellectual sign, Capricorn will be a good life partner for a Pisces. The Capricorn native has an excellent sense of humor, which makes him/her pretty sociable. However, (s)he is generally a little too cold and realist for a Pisces. Fortunately, you can easily convince a Capricorn to change so, if you try, you'll manage to get the best of him/her.

Capricorn is a very materialist native (and, considering the visionary nature of Pisces, there might be a small problem), but this is good, because money is of no interest to a Pisces. Pisces does not strive for money because (s)he knows that one way or another, it will come to him/her. If you ask him/her how it will happen, (s)he will just shrug his/her shoulders... (s)he knows, but (s)he can't explain the unique and complicated intuitive processes by means of which (s)he knows.

Capricorn likes having a well-equipped house: up-to-date washing machine, a car, things like these. His/Her materialism protects him/her from unexpected disasters and thus (s)he often has a rich life. Capricorn is very aware of his social status and (s)he often makes a big deal about it, and Pisces might not like it because (s)he lives in his/her own world most of the time and doesn't care about such practical, prosaic, superficial things. This is precisely the point that the relationship could stumble at, because while Pisces prefers buying a painting that inspires him/her, Capricorn will knit his/her brows at it and will take Pisces to the household section, thinking of buying a new refrigerator!

Sexually, Capricorn is an artist, so be prepared for a real show. (S)He makes love slowly, passionately and with commitment. (S)He will be delighted at Pisces' imaginative side and strong feelings. But, although Capricorn loves very deeply, (s)he doesn't show it as much as Pisces would like to. To a Capricorn's mind, the fact that (s)he loves you is proven enough by what (s)he does, so, little Fish, you will often long for the words you need so much.

Capricorn wants a peaceful life, so you'll get along perfectly from this point of view because this is exactly what Pisces wants, also. Capricorn is kind and diplomat and (s)he will know how to follow Pisces' path, but (s)he will never give up his/her own dreams: a Capricorn follows his/her goal with ardor. (S)He keeps a part of his/her soul just for him/herself, and if Pisces knows how to enter this forbidden room, everything will be perfect.

Capricorn is often a little arrogant and proud, (s)he knows who (s)he is very well and (s)he doesn't avoid saying it. Pisces will surely frown at him/herself, but most often (s)he will just ignore such tendencies that are superficial from his/her point of view.

Next to a Capricorn, a Pisces has the chance to thrive, socially and financially. How important these sections are to a Pisces is open to debate. But they are nevertheless benefic. Capricorn understands the concept of depth of feelings and, if his/her Pisces won't be very demanding, (s)he will really try to understand him/her. But the way in which these two sun signs express their affection is rather different...

Therefore, is it possible? If Pisces tries to come down to Earth more often, to pay more attention to the real world, if - on the other hand - Capricorn tries to be warmer, to understand the artistic sensitiveness of Pisces and to be there for him/her when (s)he needs spiritual warmth... Water and Earth can result in very beautiful things.

Pisces Woman - Capricorn Man
Love Match

The Pisces woman tries to delude the Capricorn man, as it is characteristic of her, but the Capricorn man is not easy to delude; even more, he will soon get in charge at the erotic level. In a short time, the Pisces woman will obey willingly.

The Pisces woman is quite affectionate and sincere and she succeeds in making the Capricorn man feel happy and safe. Even if they are very different, the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman offer each other the emotional support they both need.

The Capricorn man and the Pisces woman can have a nice sentimental adventure together and a marriage will prove to last.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Are Pisceans and Capricornians compatible zodiac signs?