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The Fish and the Crab

Are Pisceans and Cancerians
Suitable For Each Other?

Water and Water, a mutable sign and a fixed sign... All stars smile when a Pisces meets a Cancer.

The most important need a Cancer has is having a home and a family: that's where (s)he finds his/her peace, that's where (s)he is happy and wants to be when the day ends. And these are precisely the things a Pisces can offer him/her - gracefully, delicately and reasonably.

As Pisces and Cancer are two Water signs, you both feel emotions in a certain way, more deeply, more intuitively and spiritually. Pisces' need to create and express will be fulfilled in a relationship with a sentimental, romantic and dreamy Crab.

Together, you can create a special paradise, far from the unbound world, because fast paces exhaust both of you very soon.

Cancer tends to put away and to invest, which would be excellent, because Pisces lacks such tendencies. Also, they say that, of all the signs, Cancer is the best at finding bargains. The material side of a long-term relationship is thus secured, all you have to do is enjoy and discover each other: just the thing you know best, like two real Water signs!

The Cancer native is famous for his/her moods, (s)he is extremely capricious, changing and often difficult, but a Pisces will almost always know how to fit into a Cancer's personality (that's what Water knows best) and understand him/her.

Don't say I didn't warn you: sometimes, your Crab will be so difficult and so moody, that you won't know what you did to upset him/her. (S)He doesn't get over it quickly so be careful! But (s)he likes talking about it, so, if you provoke him/her, (s)he'll open up and everything will come to normal.

Remove Crab's shell gently; it's not easy all the time, but once you've understood him/her, the sensitiveness you are able to offer will be a great support in tempering Cancer's moods. The ethereal and intuitive Pisces often feels the partner's grief, as intensely as his own, so rely on intuition: there are moments in which you should try to find out what's happening and moments in which you should let things settle down a little. But take into consideration that a Cancer never forgets and, if you don't ask him/her why (s)he is upset, (s)he'll get upset again! Because you didn't ask him/her!

Both Pisces and Cancer are excellent listeners, "a shoulder to cry on". And you both enjoy giving advice, therefore you should get along just fine from this point of view. When two waters meet, communication is not a problem: the union is fluid and simple, almost imperceptible.

Sexually, Cancer is very imaginative and offers as much as Pisces does, so this is again a relationship that stars encourage.

Water purifies, freshens and arouses emotions. This relationship can be the love story you have been reading about in novels. Pisces mustn't forget to take care of Cancer all the time, to offer everything (s)he has to offer, because this time (s)he'll get in turn all the love and attention (s)he has been dreaming of for so long.

Therefore, is it possible? Yes, definitely!

Pisces Woman - Cancer Man
Love Match

From the erotic perspective, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman make a good pair. They are both loving and sensitive natures, ready to support one another.

The Cancer man will take over, because the Pisces woman tends to be over subtle and eccentric when she makes love. The possible misunderstandings or conflicts will immediately find a solution, most often in bed.

The Cancer man and the Pisces woman are a compatible couple that will enjoy memorable days and nights, even if it sometimes takes them a while before they build a harmonious relationship.

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Pisces-Cancer Horoscope Compatibility
Are Pisceans and Cancerians compatible zodiac signs?