Astrology Compatibility: Pisces-Cancer

Do Pisces and Cancer Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Pisces-Cancer

Pisces and Cancer


The Cancer native is famous for his/her moods, (s)he is extremely capricious, changing and often difficult, but a Pisces will almost always know how to fit into a Cancer's personality (that's what Water knows best) and understand him/her.

Don't say I didn't warn you: sometimes, your Crab will be so difficult and so moody, that you won't know what you did to upset him/her. (S)He doesn't get over it quickly so be careful! But (s)he likes talking about it, so, if you provoke him/her, (s)he'll open up and everything will come to normal.

Remove Crab's shell gently; it's not easy all the time, but once you've understood him/her, the sensitiveness you are able to offer will be a great support in tempering Cancer's moods. The ethereal and intuitive Pisces often feels the partner's grief, as intensely as his own, so rely on intuition: there are moments in which you should try to find out what's happening and moments in which you should let things settle down a little. But take into consideration that a Cancer never forgets and, if you don't ask him/her why (s)he is upset, (s)he'll get upset again! Because you didn't ask him/her!

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