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The Fish and the Water Bearer

Are Pisceans and Aquarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Water and Air. Stars don't really agree with it and they warn you: don't try it, you might be sorry.

Aquarius always seems absent-minded, mysterious and inapproachable. This is what will attract you at the beginning, but you will get tired of it.

Stubborn and capricious, Aquarius will most often be incapable of assuming the responsibilities you want him to assume. (S)He is a stubborn native and, being a fixed sign, (s)he can't change, so guess who will offer more in your relationship?

Aquarius' bright intellect and the way (s)he handles when (s)he talks about technical issues will fascinate you soon. Remember that this is a sign of progressionist people, with advanced ideas. But, in order to discover the world, to reinvent the wheel and to discover the intelligence of the person next to him/her, Aquarius needs much space to manifest, while Pisces tends to become too possessive, wishing to overwhelm his/her partner with affection. Aquarius can't stand it.

Aquarius is good at leading the others, his/her mind works fervently and (s)he is often very, very intelligent. But it won't last too long until you'll start wondering if all this shining is really the gold you were looking for... Aquarius will ask much sacrifice from you: do you think it's worth it?

Aquarius is an objective, rational and analytical person, so (s)he won't be able to understand a romantic soul and deep emotions like yours, dear Pisces.

Sexually, Aquarius is imaginative, resourceful and it's a pleasure making love to him/her, but even a Pisces will wonder at some point if sex is enough to support a relationship. While Aquarius leaves to conquer the world, to discover new territories or see his/her friends, you might start packing...

If you stay together, it will be because you, dear Pisces, worked hard to trust yourself more and because you are willing to accept Aquarius' incapacity to understand your emotions and deep feelings.

Therefore, is it possible? Aquarius will explain the mysteries of nature, science or technology to you, will satisfy you intellectually, but (s)he will never understand your soul. Are you willing to accept it, dear Pisces?

Pisces Woman - Aquarius Man
Love Match

The erotic intimacy between the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman will soon turn to confrontations at the psychical level, in which offence and misinterpretation are not excluded.

The Pisces woman, emotionally vulnerable, becomes affectively addicted to the Aquarius man, whom she always expects proofs of love from. The Aquarius man won't stand the Pisces woman for a long time, as she clings on to him just like an ivy plant. For this reason there will always occur conflicts.

The relationship between the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman could have a promising start, but it will soon take the wrong way.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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