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The Scales and the Maiden

Are Librans and Virgos
Suitable For Each Other?

Libra and Virgo? Cheerful Air and Earth? You'd better stay at home, at least you won't get angry this way...

Your pleasant, attractive personality will immediately attract a Virgo. The problem is Virgo's perfectionism. Virgo criticizes anything that comes in the way and this is what you particularly dislike, being nagged and analyzed all the time and having your every step watched.

Besides that, Libra is too sentimental for a Virgo, who is often emotionally inhibited (or too reserved) and takes life TOO seriously. We are talking about a sunsign that is rather rigid for your taste and does not open up too easily. Love will have a short life for you two.

Certainly, Libra gets along with almost any zodiac sign due to his/her diplomacy and permanent charm. The only problem will arise when you are not happy with the situation anymore. Virgo is often too reticent, even sexually. Virgo is a faithful native, indeed, and this is a good thing.

You can always rely on a Virgo: for good, for worse, in the morning, in the evening, whenever you need him/her, Virgo is always there for you. However, you will have problems with the sexual aspect: too many things that Virgo finds perverse, too much reserve, too long until (s)he unwinds.

Virgo is a sunsign for whom "home" is almost everything. When Virgo is not at work, (s)he is at home, doing something useful, for Virgo feels the need to be useful. Everything is neat and clean around Virgo. In this case, with an untidy and rather lazy Libra, who always postpones housework or hires a maid (because Libra has too many errands to run), it will not take too long until rows appear.

As far as the intellect is concerned, you are and are not a match... Of course, it can be wonderful to listen to a Virgo talking, (s)he has a quick, sharp mind, (s)he analyses everything in cold blood and (s)he doesn't lack poetry. But Virgo seems to be a little reticent to new ideas, a little inflexible. And you seem to get bored sometimes.

And this is only the beginning because in the long run, not only will Virgo nag you to give a hand with the housework (and Virgo can become obsessed with housework), but your discussions will focus on practical, earthly issues too often. This is due to the fact that Virgo is an Earth sign and (s)he likes reality very much.

In conclusion, the Libra-Virgo relationship has little or no chance at all according to astrologers. But, who knows, maybe you have some well placed planets here and there and with a little effort, each of you could change a little.

Libra Woman - Virgo Man
Love Match

The cold, analytical nature of the Virgo man is like a cold shower to the affectionate and tender Libra woman.

The over frequent criticism can undermine the Libra woman's self confidence. On the other hand, the frivolity the Libra woman sometimes bothers the Virgo man, who doesn't tolerate any indiscretion.

The Virgo man and the Libra woman don't have many things in common. The relationship will be difficult and it's better that they don't consider marriage.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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