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The Scales and the Lion

Are Librans and Leos
Suitable For Each Other?

Libra and Leo? Air and Fire? If you caught a Lion in your trap, keep him/her close, it's an excellent relation.

A classic combination: Air and Fire, each of them adores the other. The Air knows how to feed the Fire so it plays as the Air dictates... In brief, there is a good chance for the relation to last and stay fresh and beautiful.

Libra - meaning you - is very good at manipulating, for Libra likes ruling, but not in an obvious way - (s)he is a "little general". The good thing is that Leo falls for it very well. Leo likes ruling in an obvious way, but (s)he also likes being appreciated, loved, being told how wonderful (s)he is. Most often Leo is wonderful, indeed; after all, it's a royal sign: no matter who (s)he is, next to him/her you feel like you are the king of something.

Leo likes saving people, situations that (s)he can be applauded for during the action. Moreover, Leo will replace your hesitation with an ardent spirit of action. So, any time you want him to do something for you or in your favour, all you have to know is how to begin the sentence: "Sweetheart, you are so... (three-five qualities), would you... (the thing you want him to do)?" It will definitely be a success with Leo, especially if you are careful not to flatter him, because (s)he will see right through you. Leo enjoys sincere admiration, because (s)he really thinks (s)he has all the qualities people say (s)he has.

In a long-term relation, you are the manager, Leo is the boss, the king, the president - anyway, the one who gets all the credit. It is important that you understand that from the beginning: although you are the real boss, you are the silent partner. Leo has to have the obvious domination, otherwise the feline gets angry and starts fights. And since Libra can handle anything except having fights, it is better to understand that Leo has to be in the spotlight in order to avoid these scenes (they are not rows, they are always scenes if a Leo is involved!).

The sexual relation is excellent, because you are both very imaginative. Leo is very passionate and generous, (s)he likes paying court and (s)he is refined and elegant as you like it. Leo's fervent and generous sensuality really manages to set Libra on fire.

No matter what problems you might have, I'm sure you can solve them, because it is always the same problem with Leo: his/her oversized ego. Your famous diplomacy will help you get over these problems and keep your Leo happy.

Leo, however, will behave according to his unique style: (s)he will be generous, open-hearted and refined when it comes to love and society. Honestly speaking, isn't that what you particularly liked about him/her from the beginning? The fact that Leo is so passionate and stylish? Well, tell that to him/her as often as you can and you will have a very mild cat in your lap!

Libra Woman - Leo Man
Love Match

The Leo man is convinced that sex is a physical necessity, whereas the Libra woman considers sex to be more than this. However, that doesn't prevent them from feeling good together, as the Libra woman reacts quite passionately to the right stimulus.

The Libra woman, although not an enthusiast by nature, must never forget to praise the Leo man for his erotic talent. Also, the Libra woman has to take into consideration the fact that the Leo man cannot stand shy partners, so she'd better refrain from manifesting reserve of such kind. In his turn, the Leo man will have to refrain from his outbursts of pride and authority.

If the Leo man and the Libra woman manage to reinforce these compromise rules, they can make a compatible and solid pair.

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