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Are Librans and Geminians
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Libra and Gemini? This goes for an A.

But you two shouldn't forget to come down to Earth from time to time, the world needs you around. With two Air signs, of which one is a double-faced Twin (or a Twin with two personalities, as they like saying) and the other is a Libra with two scales looking for equilibrium, everything is perfect. Mind though that you find someone who spends some time at home, cleans the house and things like this. Oh, yes, and somebody to bring money.

An excellent relation: Gemini is so curious, so young in spirit and giddy that (s)he will fascinate you. Gemini will feel even more attracted to you because, in comparison to a Twin, even a Libra will seem realistic and clear-headed.

Gemini's communication skills, his/her vivacity, the way in which (s)he reaches to the "core of the action", all this will turn each day into a new adventure.

You will probably have a lot of friends because Gemini is as sociable as you are. Your Gemini will probably take you out quite often (for Gemini doesn't stay at home too much) and, at one point, you will probably have to think very seriously about who stays at home anymore.

Neither of you is good at making money or saving it. If you thought you seized the day, wait until you see a Gemini. Together, you will have fun most of the time and you'll forget the word "boredom".

The intellectual connection between Libra and Gemini is excellent, because you are both Air signs and you understand each other, you intuitively know each other's way of thinking.

As for the physical love, with a native with a plural name and who often has at least ten spare personalities (just to have them, it can't hurt; it's not like he tries, this is how he is), the sex will be great: almost nothing is too bold or too weird.

A Libra-Gemini relation is worth keeping, not only because you both conceptualize as much (and think that the main sexual organ is the brain), but because this is a chance to rediscover yourself permanently, to be yourself. You don't need to change anything in order to attract a Gemini. All you have to do is work harder so you can afford to pay his/her phone bill.

Astrologer: Ariana
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