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The Scales and the Crab

Are Librans and Cancerians
Suitable For Each Other?

Libra and Cancer? Cheerful Air and temperamental Water? You'd better give up... Seriously, you'd better stay away from it.

Why? Let's start with the fact that Cancer is very, very, very sentimental. You will say that is a good thing in a relation. It is, indeed, but if it is too much, it affects and spoils the taste of the other ingredients, just like salt does.

Governed by the Moon, the most wandering celestial body, Cancer is a capricious and self-restrain native. Well, we could call him/her "introspective", so that we don't upset him/her, but in reality Cancer changes from one moment to another.

You just don't know when and why Cancer got upset, it takes hours to make him/her get over it and, in addition, (s)he never forgets. Cancer forgives, but (s)he does not forget. And when (s)he gets the chance, (s)he explains to you how badly you hurt him/her five years ago. And if you can't remember, Cancer will get upset all over again. Diplomacy can be very helpful in this relation, but pay attention to Cancer's high sensitiveness.

Cancer is a very complex person and (s)he has a depth of feelings that you find a little exaggerated. It's difficult to get under that shell (s)he carefully shows, and a Libra will often get bored before reaching the bottom of the ocean.

In addition, Cancer is very attached to his/her family. This is good, only (s)he doesn't really like going out or having fun. Cancer prefers a quiet evening at home, in front of the TV. Therefore, you can go out or to your friends by yourself or you can just stay at home.

You, dear Libra, are much more analytical than Cancer, and Cancer is much more sentimental than you. And since we are talking about Libra's analytical nature, don't forget that a Crab never walks straight: no matter what (s)he wants or tries, (s)he does it in a roundabout way.

It's not necessarily about his/her backward motion, but about his/her specific way of moving: sideways. Cancer doesn't really know what a straight line is, not with feelings or anything else. Surprisingly enough, Cancer finds it natural for him/her to do all this, in order to protect the others or him/herself , or simply because this is "the right thing to do".

Libra is much happier when (s)he has to deal with clear and precise issues. So you will often feel stressed. Besides that, from Cancer's point of view, considering that (s)he can manage an ocean of feelings, Libra is too cold and too shallow.

Financially, Cancer is a blessing for anybody: (s)he is lucky at money and (s)he knows how to save it, invest it and increase it. But this implies some cheapness. Cancer will be terrified when (s)he sees how much you spend and what you spend on. This could be a sore point.

Since we're talking about practical issues, you should know that Cancer is very attached to his/her home, as in (s)he likes having a nice, neat house and (s)he likes good food (it's the sun sign that deals with food). So, if you are one of those Libras that don't like housework too much, you have a problem.

Cancer is very romantic so making love will probably be excellent at the beginning. But (s)he is also very possessive and jealous and this will get on your nerves, or, better, on your "scales".

In one word, a Libra-Cancer relation is to be avoided.

Libra Woman - Cancer Man
Love Match

The Libra woman doesn't really succeed in understanding the Cancer man who is always absorbed in his thoughts. In his turn, the Cancer man becomes uncertain and restless because of the more relaxed behavior of the Libra woman, who in fact feels attracted to the Cancer man but prefers not to complicate things for herself.

If the Cancer man has the sensation that he is not loved, there will be difficulties. And if the Libra woman ends up looking for love in someplace else, we are already speaking of the beginning of the end.

Between the Cancer man and the Libra woman there can be a satisfying relationship, but a marriage could be risky.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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