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Are Librans and Arians
Suitable For Each Other?

Libra and Aries? Yes and no, maybe yes, maybe no... stars seem to be undecided, too.

It is sure that Libra and Aries are 180 degrees apart on the zodiac circle, which means you are opposite signs. The attraction between you two at first sight is ardent, remarkable, fatal. Generally, though, the relation encounters many difficulties later. There are more strong points than weak points, but the weak ones are essential.

You, dear Libra, are the sign of partnership (of any kind: marriage, family, friends, associations) while Aries is the sign of initiative. This should end with "until death parts us". But this is where the problems start, too: Aries, headed towards action, has the impression that Libra avoids reality, and when the charm of the beginning is over, you will think Aries is a little too impertinent, rude and unkind.

Libra's desire is to find inner balance, harmony and peace. Aries needs to discover new worlds, Columbus (or Picard) is written on his forehead, (s)he is restless until (s)he finds something new to deal with. Moreover, although not very faithful himself/herself, Aries demands complete faithfulness from his/her partner. Aries cannot forgive too easily Libra's hesitation in getting more involved in their relation. The physical relation, as in most cases of "attraction of the opposites", is fantastic, but what remains afterwards?

Most certainly, it was precisely this "I CAN" attitude that attracted you, Aries' availability to take great risks, the enthusiasm with which (s)he begins anything (Aries has problems with ending something, the beginning is his/her strong point), but very often Aries does not look before taking a step.

You, dear Libra, are a very analytical and intellectual sign, and if you use your tact, your presence can be very beneficial to a bold Aries who is willing to start at least five projects on the same day. You like moderation and equilibrium while Aries hasn't even heard of them. Your diplomacy will be challenged with an Aries because it is the only thing that could make this relation last for a long time.

Sexually speaking, the Libra-Aries relation is an excellent one, it can even be the best aspect of it. Aries is very passionate and considerate. Don't forget (s)he tends to look at other men/women, but only if (s)he gets bored.

Libra likes the idea of getting married, but Aries is too independent to take such an important step. Aries is also extremely stubborn so you'd better make him/her believe it was his/her idea, because an Aries doesn't like being told what to do.

In brief, a Libra-Aries relationship will always challenge you if you decide to stay.

Libra Woman - Aries Man
Love Match

Between the Aries man and the Libra woman there can be some attraction for a short period of time. By his aggressiveness, the Aries man could reveal the unconventional instincts repressed by the Libra woman.

Both of them look for sexual pleasure, but in this relationship the Aries man tries to go on at a too fast pace. The Libra woman is an idealistic nature and can be easily disappointed. Sexual life needs to come under the sign of subtle seduction.

The physical fulfillment between the Aries man and the Libra woman can make a relationship successful, but not a marriage.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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