Sign Compatibility: Leo-Libra

How compatible are Leo and Libra Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Leo-Libra

Leo sign compatibility with Libra

Leo and Libra. Fire and Air. A good combination from many points of view.

Leo's creative nature goes with Libra's artistic inclination and Libra will always be delighted at your personality, dear Leo. Libra is not good at making decisions, so (s)he won't mind you making them, for (s)he has the tendency to dominate, but (s)he also has a subtle way of manifesting it.

Since Libra is a cardinal sign and you are a fixed one, you both are stabile, generous and balanced. Besides that, Libra is romantic, just like you, but not always as passionate as you are.

A Leo-Libra relationship will be an active one, full of bright conversation and going outs (Libra is a very sociable sign) in which both partners spend a lot.

Libra's Air will really make you "burn". Libra likes discussing and analyzing things, because (s)he is an analytical sign. So a Leo won't ever get bored with a Libra. Your Libra also likes anything that is elegant and refined, so you won't have arguments about your extravagant taste.

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