Sign Compatibility: Leo-Gemini

How compatible are Leo and Gemini Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Leo-Gemini

Leo sign compatibility with Gemini

Leo and Gemini. Fire and Air. Have you put your royal claws on a Gemini? You'd better hold him/her tight then - or better, hold "them", because Gemini has so many personalities that (s)he will surprise you every day.

Leo and Gemini like the same things: socializing, spending, buying expensive things, having many friends. This lively Gemini will show you the joy of living and each day will be different, because Gemini likes variety and (s)he certainly knows how to have fun, after all Gemini is the adolescent of the zodiac.

The absent-minded Gemini doesn't take love or life as seriously as Leo does. This might bother you sometimes but there are so many things that fascinate you that Gemini deserves being forgiven for it. With Gemini, you will know both complete happiness and utter despair. If you succeed in making your Gemini be faithful, you'll have a relationship that will never bore you.

Don't forget that Gemini seems very detached and often shallow. Gemini is not like that at all, but his/her way of seeing things is so different from the other mortals' (and even from the king Lion's) that, instead of trying to understand Gemini, many people will prefer to say that (s)he doesn't mean what (s)he says.

Gemini's personality? Multiple. However, (s)he is not aware of it, (s)he just thinks (s)he has many interests and is a little different. To the others, Gemini is as hard to get as Air. But you have finally found the audience you have been dreaming of: not only will Gemini wonder at your ideas and style of doing things, but (s)he will also encourage you to accomplish these ideas.

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